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February 7, 2019

Kick Start College Life with a Purpose

“A College Degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication, a Person is Prepared for Life.”
Reverend Edward A Malloy

We all need the right education to achieve success and to lead a happy life. At schools, students spend almost one hundred months to learn basic knowledge of academics and inculcate moral values in them. School life helps you to understand what you are likely to become as an adult. The college marks an individual’s actual beginning of ‘Adulthood’. This is the time where you start to take full responsibility for your life and the decisions you make, which are most important to your career.

College Life – A Crossroad

College is an eternal crossroad where you meet different types of people coming from diversified backgrounds. College life gives you a beautiful chance to excel in studies which you choose and exposure to a wide range of activities to emerge as a versatile student. It is considered the best phase of one’s life in which growth can be immense to build an all-rounder personality. For this, you need to master studies, participate in different college activity/groups, earn internships, do social services, etc.

Make it Purposeful

College time is an important stage of one’s life. It is not just about wearing the latest fashion garments or attending college fests or bunking classes or trying out all the eating joints with new friends, it is much more than that. Life changes dramatically from school to college. Suddenly, low attendance is considered the coolest thing and it becomes ‘ok’ if you score low marks or passing marks. Although students do not think twice before bunking classes, however, these 5 marks for attendance do matter a lot, at the time of the final internal evaluations or assessments. These 5 marks benefit you not only in scoring more marks but also helps you to stay focused on your academics, which are totally different from school academics. This plays a decisive role in obtaining a good percentage in your college annual exams.

Teachers are Awakeners

You should not underestimate the college teachers. They are usually PhD or master’s degree holders. They not only have extensive knowledge of their respective subjects but also help you with other things besides the program content like what is better to pursue after graduation degree or which field is having more prospects in the job sector. The Teachers guides, encourages and mentors you for the outside tough world.

A good relationship with teachers at this time can actually help you to bag a good placement in future. The other important aspect of college time is to delve into some social life also. Undoubtedly, it is socially overwhelming to be in college – a wide range of activities to participate, classes, new people, societies and parties are available to you. You must choose your friends wisely because making the right choices today can determine a lot about your future.

College – An Opportunity Junction

College life also brings with it an opportunity to work and get corporate exposure in advance before reaching the final placements. Many students take part-time or full-time internships on summer vacations or along with the college, which adds value to their profile. It refine your academic & social skills and gain self-confidence. It actually becomes a great chance to learn a lot from these experiences and become a polished product among others when you dive into the job search market. Additionally, you receive stipends if it was a paid internship.

There can be many in your family who will restrict or doubt your professional choices. But once you are out of college, you should consider yourself mature enough to make decisions and take responsibility that you make. College life is the only time where you are free to break the barriers of rules and regulations and experiment with the things which you love to do.This helps you make your own choices and develop your personality.

Final Words

“It doesn’t matter where you come from. You make your own success.”

The college is a life experience in which many opportunities knock on your door. Be sure to explore your skills and abilities and make the best use of the opportunities that come your way.

Good luck!

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