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ElysianTM is fully committed to the emotional well-being, psychologically healthier and balanced lives of individuals, belonging to all age groups and genders.

ElysianTM detects various intellects of the students using scientific methods such as Psychometric Tests, Aptitude Tests & DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test).

We analyze your skills, interests, intelligence and hidden talents by scientifically proven methods to help you to choose the best subject/stream/career/passion - to live a quality and satisfied life.

We offer customized education solutions to the Students, Parents, Teachers, Working Professionals and Educational Institutions, also

Our unique and advanced DMIT, Academic & Career Counselling service truly inspires you to achieve success in your chosen field, intelligently and smartly!

Prabha .R

Founder and Certified Consultant

With a post graduate degree in commerce and over 10 years’ experience in the corporate world, Prabha started her journey at an early age.Having a natural flair for counselling and teaching, she started taking tuitions even while in school helping fellow classmates and the less fortunate, teaching and counselling them on self-development, life skills, relationship matters etc.

After completing her post-graduation, she decided to travel abroad for her career advancement and worked with various multinational organisations in a senior capacity. During this time, she continued to hone her counselling skills and provide empathetic counsel to all those who sought it.

On her return to India in 2007, she decided to start her own venture and founded HR Inc, with the aim to help aspirants find the dream jobs. Having counselled and placed hundreds of candidates, it dawned to her that there was a fundamental difference in choosing a dream job and having a career.

This led to an in-depth study to understand the barriers in identifying one’s true passion and prompted her to found ElysianTM with the vision of “Inspiring, Intelligence".

She is a certified Multiple Intelligence Test Consultant and Trainer.

Her interests are Career Counselling, Soft skills and Etiquette. Her sessions are highly interactive, happy and enthusiastic.

Believe in yourself, never give up and achieve your dreams- This is her strength and motto!

"Throughout our life, we spend our childhood for academic excellence, thereafter we move for our professional career. We always say to follow our passion, but many times we are not able to identify our passion and pursue our career in the same. We invite you to take a session with us to discover your passion with us! This will help you to lead a happy life and you can witness academics as well as professional growth!"


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