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One of the things that trigger the student about life is how they begin their career and they exactly don’t know whether the decision made then will help them in future. Online career counselling and Professional career counselling provides a platform to make such decision. It has been a factor which has gained a lot of attention due to this competitive world.

Education is empowering and has helped thousands of people from poor backgrounds become immensely successful. It provides you a level playing field where you get judged based on your performance, and has a shot at attaining great success. But education that does not fit in with your innate talents will never help you reach your full potential. Ensure that such a thing does not happen to you by seeking career counselling today!

Many times when psychological counselling is done face to face, students find it difficult to express them completely due to which sometimes result are off track. So, therefore, the student gets a better option and that is Online Career Counselling when a person knows he is not being judged or they are sure they can just be what they are without thinking for a second about their personality so in this case, the result are way too different and the result is more accurate and efficient.


Chennai, the metropolitan city of south India is a beautiful place for happy living, Elysian; the excellent counselling institution in Chennai also plays an important role for happy living in Chennai. Elysian mainly concentrates on Multiple Intelligence Test Consulting and Training especially meant for students. Now, Elysian is keen to deliver online career counselling, it has everything that you would prefer from a world-class career counselling center.

A career decision is the most important and difficult decision to be made which no one wants to make in hurry, so when things are according to their suitability the client is more truthful and does everything in very selective way which helps them evaluate themselves more precisely and the result obtained is more appropriate.

Your search for reliable online career counselling ends here. Elysian has a team of highly qualified professionals to extend the best online career counselling. Elysian helps the students to find their true interests, career values and skills. The online career counselling handled by Elysian has the calibre to guide the students to recognize and remove the burdens, obviously, it assist the students to make a career plan and to execute it the right way. Elysian, one of the best career counselling consultants in south India is getting wide acceptance, the online career counselling from the dexterous hands of Elysian has to be special mentioned, and it’s something unique and unparalleled.

Many times due to lack of knowledge and not much of exposure students get restricted to a fewer option and which forces them to think the things to be same as they were back in 80s, like if you choose commerce, you were with option of two that is MBA or CA. But everything has changed with the help of online career counselling, everything is in front of you beforehand and you can know anything related to that field in detail which cannot be done manually. So with the counselling done online, it gives more transparency and accuracy. Many times things work out completely different which means student get the unexpected out of it, when a child is provided with various option about which they are unaware then that curiosity within them get to know a field in which they can excel and make his career.

Elysian, one of the best career counselling consultants in south India is getting wide acceptance, the online career counselling from the dexterous hands of Elysian has to special mention, and it’s something unique and unparalleled. The online career counselling from the part of Elysian is very meaningful and effective; the online career counselling program makes you to choose the right stream. It observes and evaluates your strengths and selects the best and most suitable for your skills.

The key aspect that you will see is goal setting in all your career endeavours. You will be well-informed about what steps to take and ways to explore the numerous options placed before you. At a time you face challenges when you make a career changes or choices. You will be surprised to know that Elysian Inspires, the best career counselilng in Chennai has made overwhelming results. This happens when you get help from career counsellors who focus along with you and help you meet your desired goals.

The pursuit may be for a job search, finding what to do after 10th or 12th, a career change at 40 or something else, career counsellors do all the possible homework before beginning to converse with you. Then you will be counselled about the presentation strategy and after all the preliminary steps are done feedback will be shared comprehensively for your benefit and well-being.

Encouraging individuals based on their intuitions and perceptions is often time-consuming. Over the years the numbers have been significantly increasing there is no doubt that it is a positive sign and career counselling and guidance has always been the best choice to seek help first. Besides technology, at its best these days counselling is accessible online. You are welcome to try out our career counselling absolutely free for 20 minutes.


Find out your best career options after 10th, 12th or College

The 10th board exams are conducted across the nation each year, and whether you are enrolled in a state board school, or a central one, your performance in these exams is going to make a huge difference for where your life heads next.

There are two things that will help you pick your career:

  • What you fields of interests are.
  • How well you performed in the 10th boards and in which subjects.

Some people have an innate talent for certain subjects and are able to perform better than their peers in these subjects even when they make lesser effort. At the same time, there are certain professionals and lines of work that you find more attractive than others. Then how do you pick the direction in which you will head? Make this challenge easier for you by making use of the expertise of a career guidance counsellor in India.

A career counsellor will be able to analyse your skills, see your past performances, assess your interests and passions, and provide you advice that maintains a balance between these factors. They will provide you with a detailed and complete breakdown of what exactly your best choices are and how you can pursue them

Knowing the answer to what you will be good at is going to provide you a focus that many people lack. With the simple knowledge of what all you can achieve, you will become better equipped to achieve them as well. All this and more is possible with a simple visit to a quality career guidance service near you.

Let go of your biases and preconceived notions

The truth is that many kids these days choose to pursue a career that their parents chose for them. Not only is this a worrisome practice, it also results in an enormous amount of pressure on the student as well. In the event that skills and career path do not match, all the effort that someone puts in can go to waste. Make sure that something like this never happens to you or someone you know. A simple visit to the career guidance counsellor, direct or online, and you will be ready to choose your career options after 10th.

The Elysian way of online career counselling is excellent in every aspect. It has everything to uplift the emotional well being of students; Elysian furnishes best and very fruitful online career guidance for 10th standard students and online career guidance for 12th standard students. The online career counselling spot lighting on the students has to be mentioned as truly stand apart. The college students have also getting very meaningful online career counselling, in south India Elysian has been obtained an unmatched status in the area of online career counselling.


Frequently Asked Questions!


1)What is Career Counselling?

Career Counseling is more than just helping you to pick a career. It is about understanding your intellectual and inborn talents and guiding you to choose a field of interest that suits your skill, passion and ambition in life. Although teachers and parents are great guides, they may not always have adequate information to guide their children in the best direction. Career Counselling is for those students who are facing confusion or need more information to select the right career path.


2)Who would most benefit from Career Counselling?

Students who are in high school or have even completed their higher education can attend Career Counselling. Adults who are seeking a career change, but not sure of what is the next step can also attend Career Counselling.


3) When is the best age to seek Career Counselling?

Students who are 15 years or older can seek Career Counselling. There is specific career counselling for 10th Std Students, 12th Standard students and college students. Since career counselling is also beneficial for adults who are considering changing careers, there is no definite age limit.
Elysian provides Professional Career Counselling Online for students and working professionals. If you require any other information, call or contact us at 7299 932 010.

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