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Career Guidance for 10th std students


What to do after the 10th standard?

You may be contemplating whether it would be wise to engage the services of a Career counsellor for Career guidance after the 10th Standard. Some of you may be thinking “Is it too early?”, “Should we wait till 12th standard, or maybe after college?’ Well, we assure you that it will be the right decision for both parents and children to start giving it a thought as early as possible so that transitioning from one academic phase to another and eventually into the professional sphere will be smoother and with few setbacks.

For 10 th Standard students, the primary question is:

“Science, Commerce, Humanities/Arts. Which stream should I opt for?”

Choosing the right stream or subjects is crucial after the 10th board exams.

Why? Because the stream chosen after the 10th standard will determine the subjects to be studied for the next two years of education and this in turn will influence career paths and higher education options available.

Up to the 10 th standard, there is not much urgency involved in planning for the future as the focus is on all subjects and clearing the Board exams. But once the Board exams are done with, there is a frantic effort to arrive at a decision as there is not much time available. Very often a hasty decision is made on the wrong criteria – either based solely on marks scored, what parents think will be suitable for the child, or based on the opinions of others. And as such, a child with very little aptitude for Science might be pushed into that stream without a choice, even though the actual orientation is toward Arts and vice versa.

At this point, very few children know exactly what they want to do in the future, nor are parents well-informed or observant enough to know what their child is actually good at and what they can excel at. With very limited knowledge about the different streams, the career options available for each, and what innate skill sets are required to pursue those career paths, both parents and children end up making the wrong choice and the next two years of the child’s life could be a real challenge to deal with both academically and emotionally. This is a very common occurrence and as a student, you will miss out on great opportunities in the future.

Determining your orientation (Science, Commerce, Arts/Humanities) first involves a process of discovering yourself:

1. Your personality
2. Your innate capabilities/ strengths.
3. Your passions and interests.

Once these are identified, the future path can take shape with proper goal setting and working towards the achievement of those goals.

This is where our certified career counsellor at Elysian can offer guidance for 10th-standard students and parents who are lost and confused.

How Elysian’s Career Guidance for 10 th Standard Students can help:

Proper assessment tools/Psychometric tests will determine aptitude, personality and interests and these in turn will help to identify the career options which will be best suited for you. Personalized counselling sessions with our expert counsellor will help you get clarity on what kind of subject combinations are best suited for you which will set the foundation for your future career plan and growth.

Elysian will be the perfect choice for 10th-standard students to discover their Academic and future career paths. Apart from Educational counselling, we help students build confidence and self-esteem, manage stress, and cope with the concerns and pressures associated with this phase in life. In-person counselling, as well as Online counselling options, are available to 10th-standard students looking for the right guidance, direction, and a brighter future. Rest assured you will be provided with the Best Career counselling in Chennai.


Frequently Asked Questions!


1)What is the key role of career guidance for 10 th standard students?

Career guidance for 10th-grade students can help them explore their strengths, talents and identify occupations that are suited to their interests and aptitudes. In doing so, it provides direction for stream selection or subject combination which will align with the career options best suited for them.


2)What is the primary role of a career counsellor at the 10th standard level?

Some of the specific tasks that a career counsellor may undertake at the 10 th standard level include:

  • Use scientific methods/ tests/ assessments to identify interests, skills and aptitudes. This information can be used to guide students toward stream selection and careers that align with their personal strengths and preferences.
  • Provide information on career options to help students identify the potential paths available to them and the education and training required for each career.
  • Help set realistic career goals and identify steps to reach those goals as well as provide guidance on how to overcome obstacles along the way.
  • Advise students not only on the academic path but also on what extracurricular activities can help them build skills and experiences relevant to their desired career path.
  • Provide emotional support to students struggling with anxiety or uncertainty about the future, boosting their confidence and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.


3) What benefits may 10-standard students expect from in-person career counselling?

In-person career counseling for 10th -standard students is especially beneficial as it offers:

  • Personalized one-to-one attention allows the counsellor to focus on the student’s needs and goals.
  • More natural and effective communication between the counsellor and student, facilitating a more collaborative experience and rapport building.
  • Highly interactive environment which makes the student feel involved in the whole process, boosting self-confidence and decision-making capabilities.
  • Allows for immediate feedback, enabling students to ask questions and receive answers in real-time, which can be especially helpful when making important decisions.

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