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What we mean..

The word Elysian, a derivative from the Greek language, refers to a “blissful state of being”.
We at Elysian are all about leading you to that highly desired state.

And how do we do that?

By offering you clarity and simplifying the decision-making process for you,
thus eliminating the confusion and frustration associated with it.

We inspire your intelligence

Your success is our goal!

Irrespective of the age group or gender you belong to Elysian is wholly committed to ensuring your emotional and psychological well-being, by equipping you with the tools needed to balance your personal and professional life.

As an individual , your intellect is assessed using tried and tested scientific methods such as Psychometric Tests, Aptitude Tests and DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test).

The results obtained from these scientifically proven methods reveal your skills, interests and innate capabilities. We then help you make an informed choice of subject, stream or career path to shape your future, guarantee maximum satisfaction and ensure a better quality of life.

Our customized education solutions are extended to Students, Parents, Working professionals and those aspiring to study abroad.

Our unique Academic & Career Counselling service will motivate you to succeed in your chosen field. You can rely on us to offer you the best career guidance and counselling services to help you fulfil your dreams and aspirations.

The world is full of opportunities
We help you discover the right ones

Her Story

Prabha’s foray into the Consultancy domain was a natural progression. With an innate flair for teaching and Counselling, she started very early in life, taking tuition even while in school, helping her fellow classmates and the less fortunate ones, counselling them on self-development, life skills, relationship matters and so on. Her emotional maturity, even at a young age and her ability to help others navigate issues was appreciated and continues to be applauded by all who know her.

After post-graduation, career growth prospects took her abroad , giving her tremendous exposure to corporate culture as she worked with various multinational organizations in senior positions. During this period, she continued to hone her counselling skills and provided empathetic counsel to all who sought it.

Her return to India in 2007 marked a new beginning; when she set up her own venture and founded HR Inc – a manpower recruitment company. However, realization soon dawned that matching manpower requirements with the ideal candidates was challenging, simply because candidates did not have the right skills to take on the plethora of jobs available, or they just resigned themselves to any job– not commensurate with their qualifications or capabilities.

The objective of helping aspirants find their dream jobs generated an awareness that identifying one’s true passion was a very difficult proposition for many, that the difference between a “dream job” and a “career” was not clearly understood, nor were job aspirants aware of how to seek positions that align with their interests, skill sets and workstyle. This led to the birth of Elysian in 2012, with the vision of “Inspiring Intelligence”. Since then, she has helped hundreds identify their career path and led them on the road to success.

Prabha is a certified Multiple Intelligence Test Consultant and Trainer. Her expertise lies in Career Counselling and motivating young minds towards success. Her one-on-one sessions are highly interactive, engaging and refreshing.

With her empathetic and non-judgemental approach, she puts you at ease, paves the way for open discussions, and helps you identify your hidden capabilities with the goal of helping you build a successful future within a short span of time. She possesses the skill sets required to make her one of the best career counsellors in Chennai.

“Believe in yourself, never give up and achieve your dreams”,
is her strength and motto!

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