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Uncover Your Child’s Uniqueness & Watch Them Fly

As parents, we are continuously concerned about social and financial well-being of our children. From helping them during difficult walks of life to guiding them in making the right decisions, parents are highly involved in their kids’ lives right from the primary school days.

While the parents operate from a place of genuine concern and love, sometimes they do not have the right information or understanding to make the best choices for their kids. According to a number of studies, this half-aware involvement is one of the major causes of stress, social validation pressure, job dissatisfaction and lack of passion in the current and coming generation.

Counselling for Children

Since children are not completely aware of their interests and abilities, it can give rise to feeling of inability and failure, which may lead to depression and anxiety. This is why it has now become more crucial than ever to understand the avenues of success for your ward before making major decisions like higher education, career direction, profession and passion etc.

How do I know which career is right for my child?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) brings together various sciences like Psychology, Neuroscience, Dermatoglyphics, & Embryology to scientifically assess your child’s innate abilities, interests, potential and personality attributes. ElysianTM offers academic counselling using DMIT  to help you better support your children by understanding their strengths, weaknesses and passion.

What is DMIT Based Academic Counselling for School Students?

The results of our DMIT process provide useful insights on how your child thinks, what they are passionate about, and which fields they can excel in. Based on these insights, you can help direct your kids in the direction of their dreams, equipping them with your full support.

Apart from DMIT testing, ElysianTM also provides academic and education counselling to further assist students in picking the right future and unlocking their true potential. Our qualified and experienced career counsellors in Chennai, talk to kids about career paths, emotional strength, dealing with peer pressure and academic stress, and how to learn and grow in the best possible manner.

To know more about DMIT Testing and Career Counselling in Chennai from ElysianTM, reach out to us via details provided on our Contact Us page, or visit our space today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the career counseling through Multiple Intelligence Tests accurate?

The DMIT test has been reported to be 95% accurate. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Tests is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns. This particular test helps one to determine one’s potential and personality type. This test is based on understanding and research that is done through Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology, and Embryology. This test has been approved by clinical experts throughout the world.

2) Is DMIT used only for career counseling?

DMIT is a scientific tool which can be used for all kinds of counseling, such as career counseling, relationship counseling, psychological counseling etc. DMIT is a powerful tool that reveals a person’s true personality, inborn intelligence, brain dominance, acquiring styles etc. This helps in understanding a person and handling relationships, developing talent and hobbies and contributes to a great extent, on an individual’s overall development.

3) Can career counseling through DMIT be done for working professionals?

Yes, of course. People who are currently working and feel unhappy in their current job or who are looking for a job change and want to try something new can pursue career counseling. In this case, they may not know what to do and where to start. What is their true potential or what are the innate abilities that they have. They can certainly attend career counseling and use DMIT to tap into their inborn intelligence. General working professionals and even those who have had a break and now want to start afresh, can benefit by this career counseling. This technique helps them in giving a sense of direction, to set their goals and set the ball rolling.

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