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It has become very life-changing to select an academic path and the process is so intricate and a simple fault could send the entire prospect of the student into despair. Therefore, the choice of career and level of dedication planning has surfaced as the definitive and sought after escorts. The concerned guardians as also the students passing out from their middle school strive for career guidance classes to attain information about the latest, career options.

Furthermore, the students passing their 12th raise the question about ‘what to do after graduation?’ If sufficient authentic escort is not provided in a timely way, they suffer from career confusion which could misguide the young student mind! In today’s world, online career guidance is also available that does not require the student to travel to the professional. The specialized portals offer the best counselors and passages to reach out them in real time!
Virtually, the career options after graduation have increased and there are many full time courses after graduation that generates rewarding career prospects for the young and challenging minds. The counselors behave as the objective guides!
career counselling for college students

Students from Loyala College, Chennai

With our expert specialists, students will learn to successfully bridge from college to the workplace (or make a job transition). In a future of constant change between careers, students will learn how to increase their potential, optimize their strengths, skills, and college learning for beneficial and satisfying employment. Students will create a personal brand and professional in-person and online presence to increase their career opportunities. Resumes, interviewing process, business etiquette, job search, networking, and long-term career management issues are also discussed, developed, and/or practiced in our counseling sessions. You can learn about yourself through self-assessment. You can explore your major and the career options that are available. You can get clear guidance on making decisions and setting goals by planning your education and preparing for your ultimate career!

Frequently Asked Questions on DMIT

The DMIT test has been reported to be 95% accurate. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Tests is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns. This particular test helps one to determine one’s potential and personality type. This test is based on understanding and research that is done through Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology, and Embryology. This test has been approved by clinical experts throughout the world.
DMIT is a scientific tool which can be used for all kinds of counseling, such as career counseling, relationship counseling, psychological counseling etc. DMIT is a powerful tool that reveals a person’s true personality, inborn intelligence, brain dominance, acquiring styles etc. This helps in understanding a person and handling relationships, developing talent and hobbies and contributes to a great extent, on an individual’s overall development.
Yes, of course. People who are currently working and feel unhappy in their current job or who are looking for a job change and want to try something new can pursue career counseling. In this case, they may not know what to do and where to start. What is their true potential or what are the innate abilities that they have. They can certainly attend career counseling and use DMIT to tap into their inborn intelligence. General working professionals and even those who have had a break and now want to start afresh, can benefit by this career counseling. This technique helps them in giving a sense of direction, to set their goals and set the ball rolling.
Career counselors can suggest the best colleges or universities to choose from. The goal of the career counselor is to help students find a career that maximizes their potential. After selecting the right career choice, the next step is to select the right college or university. Counselors can guide students by suggesting potential colleges or universities where their career choice is the best.

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