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Career Development Counselling for Working Professionals

Get ready to embrace change wholeheartedly!

Are you a working professional contemplating change?
Let’s examine some of the possible situations you could be in.

  1. You are feeling “burnt out”, stuck in your job and not experiencing job satisfaction
  2. You might be one of those who talked yourself into the wrong profession or listened to other people’s opinions of which career was most in demand or high paying, and you made a choice. Now you discover that you were wrong and want to re-examine your career path.
  3. You want to switch fields but are fearful of change and unsure of what job will best suit you.
  4. Your organisation could be going through a process of restructuring and roles or jobs have been reassigned and you are unhappy about it. You are unable to fit into that role.
  5. Maybe you want to take advantage of the growth opportunities in your Company but do not know if you are qualified to position yourself as the ideal candidate.
  6. Perhaps you have taken a career break due to other compulsions and now want to get back into the workforce but are sceptical of whether you can succeed. A lot could have changed during your absence from work.

Yes, this could be a challenging period for you as you struggle with the idea of change. Without a proper support system, you could experience stress, anxiety and possible disruptions in your family life.

And that’s not the ideal situation for you. You desire a career that will bring you happiness and satisfaction. You want to be in a position where you wake up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose.

Fortunately, help is available.

How Elysian’s Career Development Counselling for Working Professionals can help you:

Working with our professional career counsellor will help you:

  • Discover yourself; your innate skills, talents, strengths, weaknesses and interests.
  • Get your current career back on track or help you identify new career options.
  • Determine which professional enhancement courses will lead to career progression in your current job or help you transition to a new career.
  • Equip you with the tools you need to balance your life and career, including managing work stress, anxiety, performance pressure and dealing with failure.
  • You will learn how to present yourself in the best possible way to potential employers so that your chances of success are higher.

It’s time to let go of the limiting beliefs or perceived boundaries that are holding you back and replace them with a growth mindset. Our Certified Career Counsellor in Chennai will help you self-introspect, gain clarity about what you want from your life and career, overcome the mental blocks that are impeding your progress and empower you with the courage to make changes.

So, what’s stopping you? If you are looking for the best Career guidance and Counselling for Working Professionals, book your session with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know that it’s time for a job or career change?

If you experience any of the following over a prolonged period of time, it might be time for a career change.

  •  Dreading going to work.
  •  Boredom at work.
  •  Physical symptoms like frequent headaches, migraines, tension, and exhaustion.
  •  Constantly stressed, unhappy and complaining. You don’t recognise the person you have become.
  •  You begin to doubt yourself or the work you do. Your self-esteem is affected and you don’t feel appreciated or valued at work.
  •  You are only doing the job for money.
  •  You feel disconnected from your passions or you envy other people’s jobs.

If your Manager or Organization is unwilling to address your concerns to make your job more meaningful, or if you are unable to find positions within your company to transition to, then it might be time for a change.

2. I want to change my career, but I don’t know what to do.

You will first need to have a clear understanding of your personality type, strengths, innate capabilities, your passions, ambitions and motivations etc. Once this is identified, you can arrive at a list of the best potential careers to suit your personality. This is where an experienced Career Counsellor can help you.

Elysian uses DMIT testing to assess your personality traits and guides you on potential career choices. It does not stop there. Our certified Career Counsellor helps you deal with the emotional aspects of your career change, boosts your confidence, assists you in redefining your career goals and recommends training or courses that you might need to succeed in the field you are most suited for.

3. I’m already in my late 30’s. Is it too late to make a career change mid-life?

No, it is never too late. Unlike the general opinion, it does not always mean you have to start from scratch. Your experience and transferrable skills acquired over the years can open the doors to opportunities or positions you never thought possible. You need to first understand why you are opting for a change, you will require a change in mindset, get clarity on your goals, explore what skill sets are required, fill in the gaps and prepare yourself. If this sounds challenging, get the help of our expert Career Counsellor at Elysian.

4. I have a career break of 10 years. Can I restart my career now?

Of course! Taking a break from your career for whatever reason does not mean you can’t restart it later. With the right skills, experience, and motivation, you can definitely restart your career and make it a success.

The first step however would be to assess your skills. Then evaluate your knowledge and consider what you need to update or learn to be competitive in the job market.
Many people face a block when it comes to taking that first step as they are unaware of what their skills are and what is needed to make a comeback. Our Certified Career Counsellor at Elysian can guide and enable you to get a new lease on life with a career that will be best suited for you. There are a number of new-age careers out there for you to choose from as well as self-employment opportunities if you want to work on your own terms.

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