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Our life is fast and mechanized due to the force of lot of unhealthy problems. Joint families have become nuclear families, the relationships lost it’s purity and dominance. In new generation, after nineties (1990), India has started to abandon it’s great cultural heritages. The youngsters found better imitating western culture; they purposefully avoided many of Indian values and principles. Families became problematic by the invasion of unpleasant matters; families loosed happiness, calm and obviously the tendency to love each other.

The result is nothing other than the beginning to mental illness and perhaps, Depression is one of the major psychological problems that the entire world faces. Depression is a neurotic disorder, an approximate 20% of the youngsters in India are affected with depression and there is no need for the research to find the reason, the youngsters and elders (both male and female) are getting affected by neurotic disorders like depression is because of the lack of love and mutual respect in families. The parents are not even finding time to spend with their children. Large number wealthier families in India are creating the most number of depression patients.

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Depression is a common psychological problem found in wealthy families. The parent of richest families gives first priority to income, money, business or profession, they forgets to find some time for loving their children,caring them and finally the depression starts gearing up as they grow up. Anyway, depression is a serious psychological disorder, and timely treatment is needed.

Now in Chennai, best counselling for depression is available. so many psychologists in Chennai are focusing on counseling and extending relaxation treatment to depression patients. Elysian Inspires have that you would prefer from the best treatments for depression. Effective counseling is the best solution to stop depression and to lead a happy life. The depression counseling in Chennai has to special mention, in Chennai alone; there are hundreds of patients suffering with depression. Chennai city has lot of best psychologists, they provides best treatments and ensuring the curing to depression.

Everyday so many divorce cases are filed in Chennai, and to avoid the divorce a vast number of couples approaching counselling psychologists to undergo counseling sessions. Marriage counseling is one of the forefront psychological remedial problems in Chennai. Family counseling also frequently happens everyday in Chennai. For all kinds of counselling like marriage, family, career or counselling for depression in Chennai, feel free to contact Elysian Inspires.


What is Career Counseling?

Career Counseling is more than just helping you to pick a career. It is about understanding your intellectual and inborn talents and guiding you to choose a field of interest that suits your skill, passion and ambition in life.

Although teachers and parents are great guides, they may not always have adequate information to guide their children in the best direction. Career Counseling is for those students who are facing confusion or need more information to select the right career path.

Who would most benefit from Career Counseling?

Students who are in high school or have even completed their higher education can attend Career Counseling. Adults who are seeking a career change, but not sure of what is the next step can also attend Career Counseling.

When is the best age to seek Career Counseling?

Students who are 15 years or older can seek Career Counseling. There is specific career counseling for 10th Std Students, 12th Standard students and college students. Since career counseling is also beneficial for adults who are considering changing careers, there is no definite age limit.

Where can I go if I am seeking Career Counseling?

Elysian provides Professional Career Counseling Online for students and working professionals. If you require any other information, call or contact us at 7299 932 010.

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