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Educational Counsellors in Chennai


Are you the parent of a student, who is seeking further education? Your child may need assistance and guidance to select the various career counselling options in the stream they have chosen. Perhaps your child may be seeking to develop a focus in life and set goals for their educational career. At Elysian, TMwe can help them discover their individual potential and realize their inborn talents and intelligence, which are already hidden in them! 

For Higher Educational Counsellors in Chennai, look no further! 

ElysianTM is the counseling centre that can help reach your child’s professional destiny. We will help your child to become all that he or she was meant to be, by tapping into their undiscovered potential and hidden talents.

With our skilled specialist, we can remove all your concerns and put your child at ease, as we, together, will work upon a solution that will suit best for their dreams, goals and ambitions in life.

Educational Counsellors in Chennai

Student Counselling Section

Educational counsellors in Chennai can help resolve any negative situations that may arise within the school and outside the school premises. These concerns can include the following topics


  • Bullying, aggression or fighting 
  • Puberty or personal growth concerns
  • Peer pressure issues
  • Handling Teenage Tantrums 
  • Home life issues, such as abuse or neglect
  • Positive family involvement
  • Concerns related to examination results, studies and coursework
  • Addition to various gadgets
  • Sudden dis-interest / distraction from studies
  • Understanding their correct Learning styles 
  • Preparing for the forthcoming Boards and competitive exams
  • Handling common school and classroom stress
  • Advice on upcoming educational choices after schooling.
  • Advice on pursuing higher education abroad


In addition, educational counsellors in Chennai are the skilled and principled use of relationships to promote self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth. If you are worried about your child’s academic performance, have a talk with our educational counsellor at ElysianTM. We will discuss issues such as why your child’s performance is not meeting satisfactory results and many more issues.  


The benefits you can attain from counselling are endless. You can help your child to plan his future, improve social skills, overcome a feeling of inadequacy, learn to set achievable goals, plan and tackle day to day issues and thus reach their goals.  Our expert counsellor will also be able to make you understand your child’s true personality which plays a major role in selecting one’s career. The main goal of the educational counsellor in Chennai is to help create awareness of the child’s strengths and weaknesses and also promote growth, resourcefulness, confidence, achievement and a positive well-being.  With the right guidance, every child can be on the path to success, not only in education, but in life also. ElysianTM can help bring the positive spark needed to kindle your child’s intelligence and accomplishment through inspiration and motivation. Elysian also provides psychological counselling services.


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