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Professional Career Counselling in Chennai

Discover Your Passion & Potential and Learn How to utilise them

Once graduation is completed, students are often in a dilemma. They have a lot of questions about the future and are unsure of the answers.

    • What specialisation should I opt for?
    • What Master’s program should I pursue?
    • Should I plan for studies abroad?
    • What placement opportunities should I seek and how should I prepare for them?
    • What are the jobs I can apply for?

Yes, this is a crucial period in life and it can be quite confusing and stressful. In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced world, with endless avenues and options available, one can be easily overwhelmed. While parents and teachers provide great support and guidance, they are not always equipped with thorough knowledge and tools to guide children when it comes to making the right choices for the best possible future.

What is needed now is CLARITY. Clarity is important for setting goals. It gives one definite direction and leads to success.

This is where Elysian comes in.

Our experienced career counsellor helps fresh graduates and postgraduate students obtain clarity on next steps by helping them discover their true calling, based on their skills, interests and passion. This will help them remain motivated throughout their professional life and have far better prospects for growth in the future.

How can career counselling from ElysianTM help me?

At ElysianTM, we understand the power of self-motivation and the right counselling. This is why we spend considerable time and effort towards unlocking your passion and interests before offering guidance. During this process, we talk to you in-depth about the importance of identifying your innate skills and strengths and mapping them with your passion and career goals. Our experience in academic and  psychological counselling enables us to offer the perfect blend of professional and personal coaching that will equip you to manage present and future challenges effectively.

Career and personal counselling at ElysianTM include guidance on how to:

  • Discover your interests and passion and work towards enhancing them.
  • Choose a career path that best suits your personality and strengths.
  • Decide on which higher education stream to be pursued and options for studying abroad.
  • Strategies for self-improvement and identification of training courses that will add to your value.
  • Deal with emotional issues like stress and anxiety from peer pressure, social media addiction, fear of failure and so on.

We employ DMIT testing to help you better explore your personality and realize your passion and skills. DMIT reveals your innate traits, strengths and weaknesses, helps identify best-suited career avenues and more.
To know more about our Career Counselling and Guidance for College Students, reach out to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is more than just helping you to pick a career. It is about understanding your intellectual and inborn talents and guiding you to choose a field of interest that suits your skill, passion and ambition in life. Although teachers and parents are great guides, they may not always have adequate information to guide children in the right direction. Career Counselling is for those students who are facing confusion or need more information to select the right career path.

2) If I come for Career Counselling, does it mean I am incapable of making decisions on my own?

Not at all. However, this is a critical life decision. As such, it would be good to reconfirm your decision because if you have made the wrong one, it could adversely affect your future happiness. So, taking a second opinion from a certified career consultant will be a wise choice. It will save you from having to pay a high price later on in life.

3) Where can I go if I am seeking Career Counselling?

Elysian provides Professional Career Counselling Online for students and working professionals. We also conduct offline sessions. If you require any other information, contact us at 7299 932 010.

4) What are the tips to build a strong career profile through career counselling?

Here are the tips from Elysian to build a strong career profile through career counselling:
1. Work with a career counsellor to identify your skills and interests.
2. Set clear and realistic career goals.
3. Build a strong network to learn about job opportunities, get advice and make connections in your field.
4. Build a well-written and concise resume relevant to the job you are seeking. Highlight your skills and achievements.
5. Review your profile and seek feedback before posting.
6. Stay positive and work towards your goals

5) How do I know if I am making a good investment if I come for Career Counselling at Elysian?

We respect your concern and understand your need for the best return on investment from career counselling. To put your fears to rest, do avail of the free 15-minute free consultation that we offer by scheduling an appointment with us today. Also, we encourage you to check out the testimonials and reviews of our satisfied customers. Click here and you will be convinced.

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