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Discover Your Passion & Potential and Learn How to Realize them

Higher education and first jobs can be confusing and stressful for many students. The sudden induction to the fast paced competitive world and the endless avenues are often overwhelming. While parents and teachers provide great support and guidance, they do not always have complete information and tools to guide kids towards their best possible future.

This is where we come in.

With a team of expert and experienced career counsellors, ElysianTM helps fresh graduates and postgraduate students navigate through the sudden influx of information and choices. Every student has different skills, passion, and ambitions from their career. We assist you in identifying your interests and expectations, and guide you on how to best achieve them.

How can career counselling from ElysianTM help me?

At ElysianTM, we understand the power of self motivation and right counselling. This is why we spend considerable time and effort towards uncovering your passion and interests before offering guidance. During this process, we talk to you about the importance of identifying your innate skills and strengths, and mapping them with your passion and career goals. Our experience in academic and psychological counselling enables us to bring forth the perfect blend of professional and personal coaching that helps you tackle all your current and future problems.

Career and personal counselling at ElysianTM include guidance regarding:

  • How to discover your interests and passion and working towards enhancing it?
  • How to choose a career path based that best suits your personality and strengths?
  • Which higher education stream, self improvement and training courses can give you better understanding & knowledge?
  • How to deal with the rising stress and anxiety from peer pressure, social media addiction, fear of failure?

We employ latest technology DMIT testing to help you better explore your personality and realize your passion and skills. DMIT reveals your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, bright career avenues and more.

To know more about our career and personal counselling sessions and to talk to our experts, visit our space in Chennai today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is more than just helping you to pick a career. It is about understanding your intellectual and inborn talents and guiding you to choose a field of interest that suits your skill, passion and ambition in life. Although teachers and parents are great guides, they may not always have adequate information to guide their children in the best direction. Career Counselling is for those students who are facing confusion or need more information to select the right career path.

2) What are the tips to build a strong career profile through career couselling?

Here are the tips from Elysian to build a strong career profile through career couselling:
1) Be descriptive and honest when describing your past work experience, education, and skills.
2) Tell recruiters where you heard about the position.
3) Choose 3-5 skills to highlight on your profile.
4) Review your profile several times before posting.
5) Ask someone to review your profile before posting.

3) Where can I go if I am seeking Career Counselling?

Elysian provides Professional Career Counselling Online for students and working professionals. If you require any other information, call or contact us at 7299 932 010.

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