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Unhappy with your NEET exam scores?

Don’t worry. We are here to help.  At Elysian Inspires, professionally trained and qualified counsellors are ready to help you discover your inborn intelligence and potential. No need to feel rejected or anxious. You are not a failure. Nor does one low exam score need to be the ultimate benchmark of your intelligence. We will help you discover your hidden talents that are just waiting to be brought to the surface.Whether you are trying to improve your scores in NEET exam or any other exam, we can help you achieve a distinguishing and remarkable score. Through our counselling, you will come to understand what kind of a learner you are.


These are the 4 major learning styles which helps a person to perceive and remember facts: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile.  According to the VAKT experts, all styles should be involved in teaching. Learning takes place on these four modes of absorbing new information. Audio learners tend to grasp more information when they hear the information out loud as it is spoken. They might experience difficulty in completing reading and writing assignments.  Visual learners can best understand and memorise facts if they can see the information in graphs, charts or other informative diagrams. Kinesthetic and Tactile are both learning styles that incorporate touching and moving.  To incorporate Kinesthetic and Tactile learning style, the teacher can provide coloured markers or highlighters for students to underline important information.   Not everyone learns or remembers information in one certain way. That is why it’s important to incorporate multiple methods of learning. We will also help you learn various methods of learning (Read, Retain and Recall). This methodology helps one to recollect and memorise the information that is being studied. This will help you significantly in achieving a higher score on the test you are preparing for. If you only achieved 70% on the last exam, we can help you push that to an 80%, and help you to pass by improving your study skills.

There is no need to feel discouraged, rejected or in despair if you scored low on an entrance exam! Elysian Inspires will guide you in practical steps to achieve higher results on the next try. We will help you determine the learning style that is best suitable for you and also discuss how to retain the information that you read. After the proper coaching and guidance from our counsellor, you are sure to be better prepared to succeed in the next exam! We also provide psychological counselling to strengthen your mind.

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