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July 16, 2020


• According to Harvard Business Review, people have become money-oriented. They tend to ignore or comprise on crucial factors like learning and development, creativity, and intellectual studies for money. As a result, people quickly get bored of their job or find it difficult to cope up with the job responsibilities.
• Another study shows that nearly 88 percent of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs.

The question here is why they are not happy with their jobs and what steps are to be taken to safeguard your career and future? Career counselling is helpful for professionals too.

This is where the role of career counselling becomes an integral part in the lives of students. Every student, who is about to step into the professional world, needs to consult a career expert or a career counselling guide for a better and bright future! Let’s remember from the words of Swami Vivekananda – Take 1 idea, and make it your life, just think of it, and dream of it, and always live that idea! A career counselling session will help students to know their specific skill-set and passion. Further, a career counselling expert can guide students in understanding their strengths and weaknesses. A student will be able to land in a job of his/her likes after getting thorough guidance of a career counsellor. Here are the five ways where career counselling can help you secure your future goals without any difficulty:
1. Helps You to Identify the Ideal Job
The first thing a career counsellor does is help you find the perfect job that suits your skill-set and passion. There are career counselling help tests. An interactive career counselling session will bring out the strengths, weaknesses and interest of a respective student. On the basis of these parameters, the counsellor will guide a student to pursue a specific career that will be future-proof and satisfying by all means. It will help you in pursing a long-term career and gain relevant experience across the particular field, which is highly important now-a-days. According to NACE Job Outlook Report, 65 percent of companies like to hire employees with relevant work experience.
2. Helps in Personality Development
A sound and confident personality has become the first attribute that candidates need to have while going for an interview. Irrespective of the skills, a decent personality is what employers look in candidates in today’s world of globalization. There are so many benefits for career counselling. A career counsellor helps in building the personality of candidates by improving their behavioural traits. They use different means such as skill-based psychometric tests, brain-mapping games and group-discussions to develop the personality of candidates and make them job-ready.
3. Provides Job Support Guidance
It is usually seen among freshers that they tend to switch jobs from time to time. This happens due to their uncertain future goals and career prospects. There comes the need of career counselling. A thorough career counselling session can help students find a job that syncs with their passion, interest and aptitude. This will allow students to focus on their future goals with a clear perspective.
From the words of Confucius, we can gather that: Choose some job that you love the most, and then you’ll never have to work even for a single day in your entire life!
4. Helps in Building Professional Resumes
According to the reports of TheLadders, organisations only spend 6 seconds in scanning a resume and take decisions accordingly. This shows the importance of well-written and scannable resumes. As recruiters have to check hundreds of resumes every day, they tend to scan the resumes and chalk out the main points. A career counsellor can play a significant role in building a professional, scannable and apt resume for students. As career counsellors know the candidates skill-set and interest area, they can guide them to build a resume according to the need of the specific industry.
5. Provides Mental Support
At last, a career counsellor provides immense mental support to students who are looking forward to step into the world of stiff market competition. Career counsellors build candidates’ mental strength through various assessment tests and psychological tools. This eventually allows candidates to face the professional world with a positive intent.

Elysian, a trusted career counselling platform has come to the rescue for all students and professionals, who are looking forward to secure their future. Elysian is a fully committed career counselling organisation that works on the emotional, mental and professional well-being of candidates. It provides result-oriented and customized career counselling solutions to parents, students, and teachers and working professionals according to their needs. It uses modern tools such as psychometric tests and DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) along-with other interactive methods for counselling purpose that have yield positive results and also shaped many careers.

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