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Advantages Of Online Counselling Sessions

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April 13, 2020

Advantages Of Online Counselling Sessions

Online counselling has gained popularity in recent times with the evolution of generation and technology. Telephonic conversations, video chats, and calls depending upon our viability and convenience have become the most common mediums of online counselling

Where there is a will there is a way! The old proverb holds true with a lot of respect. Even when you need assistance, you accept that you actually need it and you make all efforts to make it happen. There have been many instances when clients from across the country approach me for various counselling requirements but seem vulnerable when they know they may not reach physically for a face-to-face interaction. This qualm prevails with many. Let me tell you, in this world of globalization there are no boundaries. With the advent of technology there are umpteen options of approaching someone dwelling even across international borders. Furthermore, there are ample advantages of having online counselling sessions as elucidated below:

Limitless Access: Technology has given us access to many far-fetched things or services which we thought are out of our access due to physical distances. Same goes with counselling services. People putting up in those areas where they cannot reach out to some good counsellor can now using technology get connected with a counsellor located anywhere in the world. So, you have many options to choose from and the best can still be reached in spite of being located far away.

More Convenient: Online counselling also brings with it a lot of convenience and can be accessed from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to move out of your house and travel to any location for every session and can get an appointment at a designated time that suits you and the counsellor both. It gives you a better chance to connect with the counsellor when you feel comfortable at your own place. It is usually more suitable for working people who cannot devote enough time travelling for their counselling needs. 

Maintains Privacy: There are a lot of people who still feel hesitant about approaching a counsellor for any of their personal or psychological issues due to a social stigma attached to the very idea of visiting a counsellor. However, when you are at your own place without moving out, you can very well maintain complete privacy and confidentiality of being connected with a counsellor and can explicitly discuss about your issues with them. 

More Economical: Online sessions anyways are more economical as they save a lot of time required for travelling, taking appointments, etc and the money required for touching base physically. They are value for money for both the counsellor and the counselee and can be procured at a lesser price at times. Needless to say, online counselling saves a lot of resources like time, money, paper, etc.

Maintains Anonymity: At times the counselee does not approach a counsellor for the fear of revealed and hence a lot of issues stay unresolved for life. However, with online counselling a person can choose not to disclose his or her identity and can still get proper counselling sessions with the counsellor of his or her choice. This also makes them more comfortable discussing anything about themselves that may be a necessity for counselling but may be a dark secret that makes him or her uncomfortable.

Deliberate Communication: The communication that happens online can be deliberate and well thought of. Both the parties can think before they speak and can share information with each other through conscious words and talk. This usually helps in smooth running of the sessions making them more effective and less time consuming.

Ensures Flexibility: Online counselling defies the confines of physical boundaries, economies and time, offering a lot of flexibility in terms of time, place and person. One can take it at his or her own sweet time and convenience if it suits the counsellor as well, hence, making it possible for many people who generally do away with it due to certain limitations.

Dedicated Counsellors: It is easier to get a dedicated counsellor online as the ones who actually want to be available to their clients relentlessly are the counsellors who offer online sessions. It is easier to be connected with such genuine counsellors as they are just a call or a message away to help you out during odd times.

Easy for differently-abled: Various types of people approach for counselling sessions and many may not be physically fit as others. Such people can make a good use of online counselling and therapies as it gets difficult for them to physically meet the counsellor.  

Online counselling has majorly opened doors for those people who have refrained from any kind of counselling due to social embarrassment that has been associated with it. Besides people who have been dependent on others for their needs can, without being reliant on anyone, get in touch with those counsellors who seem implausible.


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