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Need for Career Counselling for Indian Students

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February 6, 2019

Need for Career Counselling for Indian Students

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are living in exciting times, where old technologies are disrupted and replaced by the new ones every day. Machine language, AI, VR, AR, Robotics, Data Science and many more in the field of technology and innovations, are becoming the new age buzzwords.

Not only technology but there is an amazing leap in other fields of science, art & architecture also, where new avenues of growth and innovations have opened doors of career opportunities for millennial.

The point of discussing this is that, unlike the last decade ago, there is an unprecedented growth in business opportunities around the world in recent times. We see a tectonic shift in career trends and the millennial are not afraid of taking up careers which were non-existent or undermined earlier.

In India, digitalization and start-up culture have helped a lot in shaking the old mindset of Indians who don’t look beyond the conventional engineering and medicine streams for their children.

Knowledge is Power

“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”
Bertrand Russell

This phrase still holds true in present world which looks for more specialized skills you possess than just qualification. The knowledge or specialized skills will be your interest or passion for a subject, which drives you to move forward in pursuit of attaining more of it. One has to identify his or her area of interest to be successful and happy in professional life and this has to be identified in school times (9th or 10th) only, before plunging into college life.

Conventional Indian Mindset

But unfortunately, in India, career counselling or orientation of different career options are not given much importance, in homes as well as in schools & colleges. In India Today report, it was stated that around 85% of students are concerned about which career option to choose for higher education and a whopping 92% don’t get any career-related guidance from their schools. This means that most of them land into wrong careers which results in unsatisfactory work, less productivity and that leads to heavy loss to the nation, which is unable to produce a productive, intelligent or innovative workforce.

Need of Career Counsellor

There is an urgent need in India to set up a career counselling cell in schools, colleges or parents should hire a personal career counsellor for their children. This would help to guide him/her in choosing a right career option, get a clear glimpse of the career chosen, fees, course time and further guidance on resolving their confusions and doubts.

With only 20% people in India taking up Career Counselling sessions, it is the responsibility of parents and educational system to include Career Counselling system and periodic educational & career orientation session for our youth.

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The Career Counselling helps in many ways at a personal and psychological level as well, like:

  • The candidate discover the true potential and interest in various subjects while choosing the right career
  • The career-related confusion is discarded which helps the candidate and its parents to build a positive approach toward the set career goal
  • Builds confidence in the candidate for the chosen field
  • Guides on the specialization of the chosen career option
  • Right opted career enables fast professional growth and helps to lead a happy professional life
  • Reduced technical difficulties like applying/filling Application forms, prioritization of colleges during admission or best organizations to choose for a career, internship, etc.
  • Saves a lot of time and money spent on the wrong career option
  • Stress-related mental and health problems are reduced
  • Suicidal syndromes/feelings are avoided arising due to unclear educational goals, academic stress or lack of efficient guidance. (India ranks world’s highest suicide rate in age 15-29. According to a 2012 Lancet report, one student commits suicide every hour in India,)

Career Counsellor’s Role

With easy access to information, we are overloaded with it and it becomes a waste if we are not able to channelize it in favour of us. Also, with an array of career choices available in the market, candidates get confused about which path to choose.

The advice and counselling provided to candidates by counsellors are based on three key factors — Personality, Aptitude and Interest. The complete process is done by using advanced scientific tests and tools to arrive at the right conclusion.

You may be at career’s crossroad or have taken few wrong turns in life, a Career Counsellor can:

  • Gauge your ability to perform certain tasks based on your aptitude, track record and knowledge base.
  • They map the strengths you possess with the skill set of variously available job profiles.
  • They provide you with a much-needed reality check in the current evolving job market and by this you get a chance to introspect on your strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

Whether you are a new job seeker or need a career change, you will definitely benefit from it. An expert career counsellor will tap into your inner resources that reveal your social skills and emotional balance, to help you to make the right career choice.


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