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Top 10 IT Career Options that will be In-Demand in the Future 

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June 14, 2021

Top 10 IT Career Options that will be In-Demand in the Future 

The whole 2020 year was quite surprising and overwhelming for everyone. This year has taught us many life-changing lessons. Still, one of the most prominent lessons is that becoming an industry-ready and skilled professional is important than holding many certifications under the belt. 

If you’re on the way to selecting your career path, it’s necessary to choose high-income and in-demand career paths for a safe future. Such career options will ensure financial stability and security throughout your life.

To help you find the in-demand career paths, here is our list of top 10 career options that will undoubtedly keep you employed until your retirement age. So, let’s get started!

Data Scientist 

Data scientist is one of the hottest jobs for numerous good reasons. The amount of data companies generate in their day-to-day business processes has substantially increased. Nowadays, MNCs, especially in the IT sector, need data scientists to make the best use of the collected data. 

If you research the employment trends of the last five years, data science would undoubtedly be present in the search results. Believe it or not, India is one of the prominent nations having countless job opportunities for aspiring data scientists.

The best part is all the sectors like retail, IT, pharma, and even research organizations warmly welcome skilled data scientists. Data scientists are experienced in using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. If you’re interested in data science, take some good courses and learn the technical skills. 

Data Analyst 

Data scientists and Data analysts are like the cousin brothers who work hand in hand. Data scientists evaluate the gathered data and develop the solutions, whereas Data analysts make the data and solutions comprehensible for the general audience. If you’re a math lover, this is one of the promising career options for you. Apart from being a mathematics lover, you also need to be well-versed with different computer programming languages like SQL and C++. 

Becoming a Data analyst guarantee a future-proof career. Yes, because you’ll become a problem solver of the organizations. For becoming a Data analyst, you need to pursue some certifications in the data science sector.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers are in hot demand, and they have a huge career scope in the longer run. As per some LinkedIn surveys, machine learning and artificial intelligence job rules are exponentially growing in India. 

Believe it or not, the demand for such engineers is very high, but there is still a scarcity of such skilled professionals in different industries. Thus, it’s the right time to become an AI/ML expert.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are new concepts, but the job opportunities in this field are innumerable. To become an AI/ML engineer, you need to learn different programming languages and concepts of data science. In our opinion, it’s better to pursue a PG course in AI and ML. 

PG course in AI and ML will teach you NLP, Data Science, Reinforcement Learning, and many other concepts. 

Big Data Engineer

Undoubtedly, humans generate exponential data, which is more than the stars present in the galaxy. Now this humongous data is super helpful, but only the Big Data Engineers can make the best use of it. Big data engineers are responsible for managing their organizations’ data infrastructure. These engineers are responsible for gathering, storing, analyzing data for developing solutions. 

For becoming a successful data engineer, you should be a math lover and problem-solver. Above all, you should also have some basic non-technical and communication skills for generating understandable insights for the general audience. 

If you’re interested in this job role, having a degree in mathematics or data science is necessary. You also need to pursue some Big Data courses to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Organizations prefer certified and skilled Big Data Engineers.  

Cloud Computing Expert

Cloud computing has become a savior for many organizations in making their daily operations inexpensive and efficient. More and more companies believe in the power of cloud computing. As a result, the demand for cloud computing experts is exponentially growing and has become one of the promising career options for the youth generation.

As per some official surveys, more than 60% of companies are planning to implement cloud computing technology. This is because organizations have understood the importance of cloud software in the pandemic period. 

You can select the engineering stream and pursue specializations in cloud computing. On the contrary, you can also prefer doing post-graduation in cloud computing to bag highly-rewarding job roles in this sector. 

Blockchain Developer

Bitcoin and Dogecoin are always in the headlines since the beginning of 2021 and grabbing the attention of everyone. These are prominent crypto-currencies based on Blockchain technology. Many experts, including Bill Gates, claimed that cryptocurrency would revolutionize all the major industries in the upcoming years.

Becoming a Blockchain developer will be undoubtedly advantageous for your career. Believe it or not, the number of job opportunities is 50-60% higher than standard web development roles. 

All the prominent industries like technology, healthcare, finance, logistics, etc require skilled Blockchain developers for their future requirements.

Blockchain is a challenging yet advanced subject where one must be proficient in mathematics, computer programming languages, cryptography, etc. You have to pursue specific Blockchain courses and polish your development skills for bagging some high-paying job roles. 

Cyber Security Expert

Despite having top-notch cyber security technologies, the number of cyber crime cases isn’t decreasing. As our day-to-day routine is getting digitized, cyber criminals are also getting ways to use their dirty minds. All the companies, including Apple and Microsoft, rely on cyber security experts to overcome cyber security issues. 

Cyber security professionals assist organizations in evaluating the potential cyber crime threats and develop solutions. The demand for cyber security experts is surging, but this job role isn’t easy. If you believe in humanity and prefer to become the savior of others, this job role is a good option. 

To become a certified cyber security expert, you need to pursue any degree in the computer science field. Above all, pursuing some cyber security courses will add a star to your resume.

Digital Marketer

In this technology-driven world, the only successful path of getting consumers online is digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the rapidly growing industries in many nations. The growth rate of this field is between 20-40%, and the job opportunities are endless. 

As the number of internet users increases, the number of job opportunities in this field will keep surging. One of the key advantages of selecting the digital marketing field is you don’t have to be a tech geek. 

Digital marketing has two different branches for tech-savvy and creative brains. Even if you have good writing and communication skills, you’re still free to join this field. 


Here, we’re referring to ‘Manager’ as the individuals having MBA degrees under their belt. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of companies will keep increasing, and managers are needed to manage daily operations. If you always have a passion for holding leadership roles, the management industry is your second home.

To become a well-qualified and skilled manager, you should pursue Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. By investing your time in pursuing this degree, you’ll learn the fundamentals and advanced entrepreneurship, business, and leadership concepts. You can even specialize in your desired sectors as per your interests.

Subsequently, if you’re aiming for a foolproof career without learning those complex technical skills, pursue an MBA degree.

Software Developer (Engineer)

More and more companies are adopting cloud computing and digital products, the demand for software developers or engineers is exponentially growing.

These professionals are responsible for the development and management of the softwares. They are well-experienced problem solvers and have the capability to evaluate potential problems and develop solutions. 

To become a software developer, you should know computer programming languages like Java, C++, C, C#, Python, etc. However, you should also up-skill yourself from time to time because of the constant advancements in technologies. 

As software developers work in teams, having strong communication and collaboration skills is also mandatory. You need to learn these skills and also pursue different software development courses. 

The Takeaway

Choosing the ideal career path is one of the significant decisions you’ll make in your life. As constant changes are happening in the employment trends, it’s necessary to learn about the in-demand career opportunities. It will undoubtedly help you in making informed decisions. 

Best Of Luck For Your Career!

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