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What to do after the 10th standard?

Each student chooses their career post upon completing their 10th standard or 12th standard. The next step they take after the 10th will determine the course of their future. Career choice after the 10th is not a simple task to decide upon. Students need to understand their strengths and areas of interest and then decide which stream to take to have a successful career. ElysianTM Inspires is India’s strongest place to help students and parents choose their careers, and they offer a variety of services such as online career counselling, counselling, career guidance report, and free career test to assess student knowledge and potential.

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It is important to counsel the student after the 10th because today, there are so many courses available in colleges and schools. Oftentimes, students become confused about what course to take and what course to leave. Just imagine a 10th-passed student has to choose his career with a mind full of confusion on whether to choose between science, maths, commerce, or computer science and to proceed on for 11th and 12th or to choose a diploma and go to junior college. In addition, to traditional courses, a 10th pass student today has many other possibilities such as programming, catering, app development, call center courses, and so on. Therefore, choosing a career is not easy for students, and proper guidance with proper assessment of the student’s potential and interest will pave success in the long run. If you have known any student who is doing their 10th standard or has completed their 10th and deciding about what to do after, then please direct them to us. We can counsel them and help them choose the best career option after the 10th.

We have specialized class educational counsellors and specialists who can decide on a student’s willingness and direct them to the right course or stream. Contact us today and make sure that your future is secured by choosing the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the key role of career guidance for 10th grade students?

Career guidance refers to the process of assisting individuals in clarifying their goals, exploring their talents, and identifying occupations that are suited to their interests and aptitudes. Career guidance can also refer to the provision of direction on how to choose a subject for higher studies that lead to opting for the best profession in the future.

2) What does career counsellor do ?

A career counsellor advises or guides people in some aspect of their career. The primary role of career counsellors is to develop career awareness. Understanding one's interests, talents, values, and personality through career awareness foster self-awareness in people. Here guidance is provided at the school level, by careers Counsellors should encourage students to explore their interests, aptitude, and personality. Students should be encouraged to “follow their hearts” and become career conscious.

3) What benefits may 10-standard students expect from in-person career counselling?

Career counselling can be useful for students of the tenth standard who are planning to study further.

  • Career counselling is necessary for those who want to make a career in a particular field.
  • Career counselling helps a student understand the various opportunities available and also helps the student decide what field suits the most.
  • Career counselling also ensures that students are able to get admission to available schools/colleges.

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