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Short Courses you can take up after the board exam

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December 27, 2021

Short Courses you can take up after the board exam

Board exams are only a few steps away and that makes the whole scenario a little intimidating. The fear of failure, the fear of not being able to make it in time, the fear that you’re not good enough, the fear of missing out on opportunities, the fear of being jobless, the fear of not being able to fetch a better job, the fear of throwing everything you have at a job that doesn’t seem to be working.

In the conventional sense, board exams are significant in determining the future path of one’s career. Apart from these examinations, which are quite significant in our modern education system, a person experiences many ups and downs while establishing a career.

In India, students must withdraw themselves from the outside world for one or two years in order to prepare for exams.

Thus, once the examinations are completed, they are frequently puzzled as to how to use their free time. They may begin binge-watching online shows or playing video games, wasting valuable time. However, these are critical key moments in their careers, perhaps even more so than the board exams themselves.


Because in the interview, no one will ask how much you scored in Maths in your class X boards. But they will ask you about your skills, hobbies, and passions. And the world is changing too fast now. The academic structure of India is clearly not up to the mark to prepare your child for the future at this point.

They need to up-skill and keep learning new things to get a competitive edge in the market.

This is why trying your hands on new ideas, topics and experiences are so important.

If you are confused about strengths and interests, you can visit the best career counselling in Chennai.

Here are a few ideas for your child to hone their skills over the long vacation-

  • General computing skills-

Most students have some ideas on how to use computers these days. But somehow, if your child is not confident in this department, it’s the best time to learn it. Making a basic PowerPoint presentation, or knowing some functions of MS Excel is definitely a good start. Applications like MS Word, Excel are becoming increasingly important in every sector now.

  • Coding-

And if they are good with computers already, it’s time for them to level up. They can try their hands on a new coding language, or have fun with web designing. These are some of the most in-demand skills today and if they intend to study Computer Engineering in the future, these are definitely going to help.

  • Basic robotics-

Robotics might sound similar to rocket science (from the proverb), but it can be really easy to start with. An Arduino set can be the best gift you can give to your child after their board exam. It is a simplistic microprocessor that can be used in many projects and the software language is also similar to C language. It can be innovative, age-appropriate yet also fun.

  • Marketing-

Marketing is again one of the most demanded skills today. Not only for the marketing personas, but every individual should also learn some marketing and sales tactics to present themselves to the outer world and ace the interviews. They can read up some blogs and books on marketing, get in some short courses, even can do an internship to hone their skills.

  • Speaking skills-

This might sound basic but still so many youngsters fumble while talking to a stranger in English. It is the best time to join an English-speaking course if your child is not a confident speaker. Public speaking is also an essential skill and practising it at this time can boost their confidence manifold.

  • Graphic design and animation-

Anyone can get started with this with some software and a laptop or computer. There are also so many courses on graphics and animation available now. And it is also great for job opportunities in so many sectors.

  • Personal finance-

Studying how the mutual fund or stock market works might be a good start if your child wants to continue their higher studies in Commerce. Else, everyone needs to know the budgeting and basic investment. Your child is going to a different city to live on their own in a few years, if not in a few months. As a result, now is the best period to learn how to manage money.

  • Acting-

Yeah, it might not seem necessary in the corporate world. But it is a fun refreshment and a good skill to learn to interact with people, own your behaviour, and even as an ice breaker in a new place.

  • Event management-

Organising a kitty party at home also needs some basic skills. And event management is a bright career option nowadays. So it is the best time to let your child get some ideas with some hands-on practical experience. It also improves their networking skill.

  • A new language-

Indians are all bilingual as most of us know Hindi and English. Even there are so many trilinguals around us. It is still a great choice to learn another language, maybe French or Spanish that can give your child future opportunities. They can learn any language for fun, and even read a new book or watch some movies in their third language if they are weak at it.

  • E-commerce-

It is comparatively a new sector but still so much important as a topic to know about. So many young adults and college students even have their own e-commerce store as a side hustle. When it is about learning, nothing is small or big. But if you want to pick something that resonates with the future employability or readiness to cope with the future world, anyone one the above is a good start.


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