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Does your Academics really matter in life?

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July 28, 2021

Does your Academics really matter in life?

Whether you’re living in India or abroad countries, the academic system gives more  importance to academic marks. As a result, students are always taught to run behind higher marks and give a tough competition to everyone.

Not to forget, the education system everywhere is becoming competitive year by year. Thanks to this pandemic that has taught everyone the importance of skills and talents instead of those certifications and academic scores.

A couple of days back, Tesla also released a recruitment notification where the company is interested in hiring college students and interns, giving them the freedom to work and study together.

As a result, parents have understood the importance of making their children industry-ready instead of pushing them to earn certifications.

Still, the question arises, do the marks really matter in your life? Let’s find out the answer to this question.

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Why Your School Academic Marks Are Important?

Your academic marks in school, especially in the 10th and 12th classes, matter because they will impact your career in the longer run. Even the education system is changing, but having decent scores in the class 10th and 12th are still mandatory.

Once, you can drop your college or university to follow your passion, but the basics should be clear. One thing you should remember, your marks will determine your knowledge, talent, and determination on the papers. Wherever and whatever you’re studying, your aim should be gaining knowledge instead of pushing your scores up.

Nowadays, the trend of doing jobs that don’t require a college degree is booming. But that doesn’t mean those jobs are ideal for everyone.  For instance, if someone has the capability to join the civil services, he/she require the minimum qualifications to meet the eligibility requirements. As a result, you actually can’t overlook basic education.

In conclusion, your school academic marks do matter whether you’re going for a 9-5 job or aiming to become an entrepreneur.

Are College Degrees Necessary For You?

If you read the stories of successful entrepreneurs and billionaires, you’ll find that some dropped colleges to pursue their goals. On the other hand, some gave importance to knowledge and education and accomplished their dreams. There are no hurdles to acquiring knowledge for you. And college isn’t the only destination to gain knowledge.

Whether you require a college degree or not depends on your life goals. On paper, college degrees are the certifications that indicate you’re certified and well-qualified. But, those certifications don’t make you skilled and industry-ready.

In simpler words, college degrees are essential if you’re actually studying and gaining knowledge in your college days. If you feel colleges and those long lectures aren’t for you, try the online crash courses.

For instance, if your passion is video editing or becoming a film director, there is actually the need for skills, not college degrees.

Yes, college degrees are important, but their necessity varies from person to person. If you feel to accomplish your goals, degrees are necessary, go to college, but not for certifications.

What If Your Academic Marks Are Poor?

Until now, we have discussed the importance of school academic marks and college degrees. However, one thing is common, aspirants having poor academic backgrounds don’t get much growth and career opportunities in the corporate world.  If you’re aiming to become an entrepreneur, you might not become your boss in your early 20s. You probably have to do some jobs to gain knowledge, experience, and capital.

Having low academic scores is actually one of the biggest barriers in the corporate world, but that shouldn’t stop you from accomplishing your dreams. It’s OKAY if you’ve bunked your classes, ignored the college examinations, and failed certain times.

What happened in the past cannot be changed, but it shouldn’t be a major barrier to your present life. Ensure your confidence level doesn’t go down; otherwise, you won’t be able to open the gates of the corporate world for yourself.

Below, we’re mentioning some ways for you to excel in the corporate world despite having a poor academic background.

  • Never let yourself down

Your low grades aren’t above your self-confidence, passion, and determination. If you’re staying positive and working on your weaknesses, there are numerous job opportunities for you. Your positive attitude and self-confidence are enough to accomplish your dreams.

  • Evaluate your mistakes

Making a million mistakes throughout your life, but never repeat them. What mistakes you have made in your school and college days, understand their consequences, and promise not to make them again.

Even if your employer is asking the reasons for your low grades, stay honest and give proper justification. You might have to face rejections, but you need to understand bright sunlight only comes after the darkness.

  • Prepare for competitive examinations

If you have decided to work harder this time for your dreams, go for the competitive examinations. This is only applicable if you’re interested in giving such examinations. People having poor academic backgrounds opt for competitive examinations to obtain higher scores and getting better job opportunities. If you’re interested in civil or defense services, you can also opt for the competitive government examinations.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, yes, your academics matter in life only if you’re aiming to gain knowledge, not only the certifications. Initially, when you’re commencing your career, the certificates will play a significant role. Over the period, your experience and what you’ve learned in your career will become your major assets.

One thing you should understand your academic scores never determine your potential. Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma are the examples that prove that your academic scores aren’t actually important to succeed in life.

Best of luck for your career!

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