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How do I find a job which I will like?

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March 10, 2022

How do I find a job which I will like?

Like you, many job seekers spend hours and hours finding jobs, subscribing to job notifications, and sending resumes randomly to the employers who won’t land their favourite job. Employers receive hundreds of job applications per day, and it’s a challenge for them to select the most suitable candidates for the interview. 

There are times when you are out of luck, so to speak, and you feel that you have tried everything to find a job where you feel good about it. You may feel that you have gone through a lot of interviews and had to go through many rounds of calls until you could get to the important thing, which is the job itself. You don’t know how long this feeling will last. What you need is an online career counselling.

The job which you like is in fact addressed to as the dream job. Getting your dream job isn’t rocket science, but you have to keep patience. Follow the guidelines below to find your dream job and start on the appropriate career path.


Know what you expect from your dream job


If you don’t have your career goal in mind, it will be pretty challenging to determine the path to reach your dream job. Before starting your job-hunting procedure or developing your resume, it’s imperative to know your end goal.

You should conduct a self-assessment of your values for evaluating how you like to work, what you expect from your company, etc. Find out what types of jobs and sectors would be matching your interests and talents.

Head to your Google Chrome, learn from the informational interviews, get your relevant coursework done, and onsite training in your relevant field is also essential. 

Sometimes you may struggle in finding your dream job; career counselling from an experienced career counsellor will be really beneficial for you. You’ll get a fair idea about the suitable job profiles through career counselling according to your overall personality, skills, and career goals. 


Determine your job search criteria


Your dream job doesn’t only mean the job you like, but your desired company’s culture, salary, and specific job roles also matter. If you can determine your preferred job roles, it becomes easier to evaluate job opportunities according to your skills and goals. 

It’s also important to be flexible. In the entire process, you’ll often struggle to find your dream job, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get disappointed and stubborn. Be flexible with your potential HR professionals and senior employers even when you aren’t selected or struggling to hit the right opportunities. 

Even when you aren’t a suitable candidate, the companies’ doors will still be open for you because you weren’t disappointed by the failures and maintained a good relationship with the interviewers. 


Believe in slow progress, don’t hustle for quick results


Stay productive, work smarter, and accomplish the daily activities efficiently for getting closer to your dream job. Be practical about your career goals, financial condition, and which job roles will satisfy you. 

For example, you’re already getting a monthly pay check, but your dream job profile is something else. In that case, you should get the relevant coursework done and acquire some experience through internships and workshops. The only way to evaluate whether you’re confident about something is by trying it with manageable risk. 

Many confident working professionals never think of moving ahead from their unsatisfying jobs because of the fear of losing their financial stability. 

As a result, do everything that gets you closer to your dream job, a pinch of progress every day is more than enough. 


Networking is very important


As per some official LinkedIn reports, 85% of job applications are filled through job referrals. Your professional network shouldn’t be limited to the people you met in person. You should connect to some well-experienced and skilled professionals of your desired field over social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

This way, you’re building your professional network and simultaneously getting insights into your field through relevant sources. If there are some job openings in the upcoming days, you may be the first one to know about them. 

Building your professional network is much easier than nurturing them. In other words, if you want to move ahead in your dream career, you need to collaborate with industry experts. You never know who can help you build your career, so keep broadening your professional network. 


Give your best in the job-hunting procedure


While developing your resume, think about whether your current skills and talents align with your dream job. Gaining experience through this process will be advantageous in your job-hunting procedure. Besides experience, you also have to look at your accumulated skills and knowledge. 

For example, if your job profile requires a graduation degree, you’re in the final year of graduation; still, you can go ahead, don’t pull yourself back. Just make sure your job application emphasizes the essential abilities and attributes.

In addition, you should continually update your resume and cover letter according to your dream job. Your resume is actually the best opportunity to connect with your potential employers, who are interviewing hundreds of candidates like you every month. 

During the job interviews, you should be very specific about your personality. Apart from talking about your experience, you should talk about your experience. 

You should create your path towards your dream career according to your interests. It’s pointless to waste time studying employment roles that aren’t a good fit for you.


How to perform in the interview?


Here, we’re talking about your dream job; you can’t just go for the interviews randomly. As per industry experts, before going for the interview, research about the company and its services/products. You should research tough and common interview questions and learn to answer them smartly. 

In the entire interview, one question that can be asked is, ‘’what is your dream job role?’’ The perfect way to prepare for this question is to think about what your dream job role looks like. After thinking, you’ll conclude what the exact roles and responsibilities of your dream job are. 


Start improving yourself


Walking straight isn’t always the fastest way to reach the final destination. Remember you’re thinking about getting your dream job; thus, you need to stay calm and patient. You must assess your own strengths and weaknesses. Make a strategy to overcome your flaws. Take some short classes on communication, for example, if you’re not really good at it. If you want to improve your skill set, take some online certifications to prove yourself a better candidate to your future employers. 

In other words, work yourself every day until you find yourself the most suitable candidate for your dream job.

Grabbing important opportunities for acquiring skills, gaining experiences, learning skills, and building a professional network will help you reach your dream job. 

Each day of your life allows you to learn something new. Today, you may not know about your dream job, but by taking the right steps, you’ll sooner reach your dream job. If you require some professional advice, seek assistance from a career counsellor.

The best career counsellor does not only help you in finding the right career for you but also helps you in making a better career for yourself. It helps in getting you the job that you like, in helping you in making the career you want, in getting the compensation you want, and helping you in making your life balanced. It helps in making your life worth living, it helps with finding a vocation that will make you happy, helps you with bettering yourself and the world around you.

Best of luck for your career!


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