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All about Psychometric Test and its Impact on Career

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Career Planning is important. A career is what defines a person and has a direct impact on the quality of life. Therefore, it is imperative that you make the decision carefully and put a lot of thought into it. Sadly though, in India, students often end up making choices based on what their parents want or what their friends choose. One’s own interest, aptitude, and skills are often ignored. As a result, they often find themselves struggling a few years down the line because they find themselves in a position where they don’t know what to do with their life. They are either unsuccessful or stuck in a job they hate. Therefore, it is important that you choose your career carefully, consider all factors and plan accordingly. For instance, if you are in school, you would have to choose your subjects carefully and if you’re out of college, you would have to enroll in the right course that is in line with your interests. However, interest, aptitude, personality aren’t physical traits and cannot be measured easily. That’s where Psychometric Tests come in.

What exactly is a Psychometric Test?

It is basically an aptitude test that is designed to evaluate a person’s interests, aptitude, cognitive ability, reasoning etc. based on a set of questions. These questions are scenario-based, ability and interest-based, personality-based etc. The results are compiled depending on the person’s answers. It is important to note, though, that there are no right or wrong answers or scores given.

We all know what we like to do. Some of us like reading, others may like playing some games, dancing, singing etc. However, what most of us do not know is how to convert these interests into a career that we love. That’s where these tests help. They tell you what the person is inclined towards. For instance, someone may have leadership skills while the other may be passionate about helping others. Psychometric tests highlight the personality traits and judge the suitability of a person for a particular field of study.

There are different types of Psychometric Tests:-

Numerical ability – This determines how quickly a student works with numbers.

Verbal Ability– This tests the communication skills of the person with the help of written extracts

Logical – This type of test gauges a person’s ability to think logically.

Diagrammatic  – This test uses diagrams to test the person’s problem solving ability.

Importance of Psychometric Tests for Students

Since these tests help gauge a person’s aptitude and their suitability for a particular field, they are widely used by career counselors worldwide to identify the student’s interests and possible career choices. Also, a lot of schools conduct psychometric tests to analyze a student’s strengths and weaknesses, personality traits etc. This helps them understand the students better and guide them accordingly.

These tests don’t just help in identifying possible career choices but also help in choosing the right subjects or the course, so they don’t feel the need to look back ever in their career.

A lot of Management schools these days conduct such tests towards the end of their program so students can better understand their strengths, weaknesses, skills etc. so they can help students opt for the right kind of job that utilizes their strengths. This  boosts the confidence of the students and makes them better prepared for the future.

Benefits of Psychometric Testing

Besides identifying career choices, these tests yield multiple benefits if conducted in the right manner.

Insights about a student’s personality – Psychometric tests give an insight about a student’s personality- whether the person is an introvert, extrovert, level of emotional intelligence, traits that cannot be judged from a profile or even in an interview. Therefore, psychometric tests are being widely used by career counselors, teachers, and even recruiters to better understand the students and their fit for a particular role or field of study.

Helps in selecting the right subjects – This is especially true at the school level when students are confused about what subjects to choose or what career to opt for in the future. It is a popular tool used by career counsellors across the globe to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses so they can better guide them in the choice of subjects or career path. A student who may be very good with numbers or calculations would do well in mathematics and should choose a career involving the same like finance, accounting, etc. Similarly, someone who loves reading or writing would probably love literature and do well in professions like journalism, creative writing, etc.

Cost Effective – Psychometric tests take just a few hours to reveal information about a person that would normally take months to know. Moreover, it is easy to implement too. So, you can get to know the abilities or personality of the candidate without wasting time or resources. It helps counsellors and institutions guide the person better according to his skills and abilities, while organizations can reduce bad hires by choosing the right person for the right role.

Reliable and Unbiased – Psychometric tests provide valuable insights about a person’s interests and abilities without any bias as these tests are taken by students themselves, who answer questions based on what they think. So, there is no chance of cheating or copying from others as in other exams because there are no right or wrong answers. Therefore, the results are accurate and reliable in most cases.

The Testing Method

Psychometric tests are mostly conducted online these days because of sheer convenience and to save the hassle of manual evaluation. However tests may be conducted offline as well, using pen and paper. It entirely depends on the institution or organization conducting the test. The test comprises  a questionnaire which students are required to answer truthfully as the questions revolve around situations, interests, etc. The answers reveal insights about what the person’s inner strengths are, their abilities, and personality traits, their reasoning and critical thinking abilities, cognitive skills, etc.

There is no right or wrong answer, but there might be scores for every answer. The scores are segregated into categories depending on what the assessor wants to assess. The scores are calculated based on the answers. The assessors are calculating the scores of each individual so they can be checked against the standard criteria for final results.

How Psychometric Tests helps Students

Psychometric tests help students understand and identify their hidden potential. They know themselves better and how they react to situations, their temperament, etc. Once they know what they like and what their strengths are, they will be in a better position to decide what subjects they want to choose or the career they wish to pursue. It is, after all, their life and therefore, the choice should be theirs too. Of course, they might still need some guidance, but overall, the test puts them in a better position to understand what they want from life. They can explore various career options, do their research about courses, and chart out an action plan. Put simply, these tests help them identify their dreams and set them on the path to realize them.

Once they choose a career that is in line with their interests, abilities and temperament, they are more likely to  enjoy it and do well in it. They would never feel the need to look back and rethink their decision and would go on to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

When is the Right time to take the test?

Well, there is no right time to take the test. A student can and should take the test when they are old and mature enough to think critically and analytically, as that is what the test is all about.

Class 8 to 10th – Although still very young, this is the time when students start thinking about what they want to do in life. The test would help them identify their strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc. Career Counselling for 10th standard students can help them choose the right subjects in class 12 that are in line with their interests and that they would do well in.

Class 10th to 12th – This is the time when most students are confused about what subjects to opt for. The test would help them identify the right subjects and possible career options. They can identify their primary and secondary career options and make plans accordingly with the help of  career counseling for 12th standard students.

Undergraduate – At this stage, students are at crossroads about what to do next.  Should they go for further studies or take up a job? A good assessment will guide them to the right career path. For this, a Career counseling for college students will help them a lot.


  1. How are the tests conducted?

The tests are mostly conducted online but some organizers may want to take it offline using pen and paper. You will be presented with a set of questions that are designed to test your thinking ability, personality, your approach to situations, reaction etc. The mode of the test has no bearing on the results.

  1. Are these tests tough?

The questions are all scenario-based which will be designed to evaluate how you approach the situation, your reaction etc. These tests are designed to test your emotional intelligence rather than your academic intelligence. There is no right or wrong answer. Each individual is unique, and so their answers would also be unique.

  1. How do I prepare for the psychometric tests?

There is no special preparation required for the test as such, but it always helps to know the rules well. Even though there is no academic knowledge required, it always helps to check out the questions beforehand so you can train your mind to think fast about situations. There are sample tests easily available online so you can practice. As in all exams and tests, time management is important so you can complete the test. If you don’t complete the test, your results will not be accurate. Learn the techniques. Lastly, relax. It is important that you are not nervous and that your body and mind are relaxed. Stress can cloud your thinking ability and your reasoning. Make sure you understand the questions and answer honestly and genuinely because remember, the test is designed to help you and not judge you.

  1. Can I take the Psychometric Test Online from anywhere?

Yes, you can take the test online from anywhere sitting in the comfort of your room. There will be a Counselling session after you finish the test and the report is generated. Certified Career Counsellors are trained to interpret the report and guide you, based on your needs, both on career aspects as well as psychological issues, if any.


In a country like India, where career is given supreme importance, psychometric tests are important as they help students choose the right career. These tests lay emphasis on the fact that interest and abilities should be the deciding factors in choosing a career path and not social or parental pressure. Psychometric testing can help the educational system on various levels. It helps students choose the right subjects they are likely to do well in which would boost their morale and their confidence level. The colleges would see fewer dropouts as people would be motivated to  study towards their goal and organizations would witness a drop in bad hires as they would be in a better position to judge the suitability of the candidate for the role.

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