Are you willing to discover your Uniqueness?

It's a wonderful realization to understand that everyone around us is born intelligent, and so are you! Your innate abilities could be guiding force in determining your future path that you will be charting. We believe in the policy of "Nurturing as per the Nature of the Child".

In today's world, globalization has played a massive role towards development of the society, and it creates diversified job opportunities than the traditional ones. Twenty first century demands people to be more magnifier. Being a qualifier will only help you reach your place, but being a magnifier will assure you to retain and grow in that space. The knowledge of one's possibilities and potential is of great value in today's high competitive environment

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Because you are Unique!


Prof. (Dr.) Gardner, a famous scientist, concluded that every individual has distinguishable characteristics. These characteristics are as unique as a "Fingerprint" of each and every person. ElysianTM, by using its unique technology, captures this information from fingerprint of an individual. A dedicated team of expert, do analytics of collected information and help achieve multiple objectives like career guidance, identifying personality traits, or even discovering hidden talents of an individual.

Dear Parents!

The moment a child is born, each and every parent builds a certain expectation regarding their child's future. We hear it many times, "My child will become an Engineer, a Doctor, a Soldier or even a Pilot!" Every parent is filled with joy and feels proud when they think about their child's future.

When the child grows, they see the world in their own unique way and interpret the information with the limited knowledge they have. During this time, they face many challenges and feels lost in the variety of options available.

This leads to a confused state for both, child and parent, and they find themselves helpless in understanding each other. This creates a daily life imbalance which grows with time, if not handled properly. We invite parents, at ElysianTM, to understand their child's true personality and talent. We also help parents to lay a strong foundation for their child's growth, both psychologically and academically, and create a smooth growth plan efficiently.

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We are best in helping you about your anxiety and problem solving skills we are specialists in couseling and training.

7 February 2019
Top 7 Reasons Behind Your Continuous Job Rejection

Hearing "No" from a potential employer can impact you a lot and getting too many "No's" can frustrate you, affecting your self-confidence, severely. So, don't take job rejection personally.

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7 February 2019
How to study smartly and score more marks?

Studying smartly and not harder, is the need of the time!

7 February 2019
Kick Start College Life with a Purpose

We all need the right education to achieve success and to lead a happy life. At schools, students

6 February 2019
Simple Career moves, for Bigger Results

We all crave for a better career, an upgrade - higher designation, a salary hike and much more.

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What are our clients are saying about us?

  • review rating 5  The session was very useful. I was really excited about the DMIT and for good reason. Dr. Prabha really helped me understand my underlying talents and my potential for certain streams of education with the results from the test. It was very accurate for me; personality wise and that helped me trust it more. She provided insights on how to grow the talents that were already in born within me and to use them as stress busters and to eventually be able to monetise them. I was very happy with that. And career wise, based on my own results, she pointed out which options were thriving and have scope at present and in the future. All in all, it was a very good experience I would recommend it to people who are confused as to what to adopt as their profession or want to know what they’re naturally good at.

    thumb Aishwarya Sridhar
  • review rating 5  She is exemptionally good at her field. Her knowledge is wide. She is able to counsel people from different phases of life. If you are searching for a career and psychological counselor I would recommend her...

    thumb s Padmini
  • review rating 4  The counseling was very helpful to know what kind of career path suits and better for us. It was mostly right what they said about me. It was surprising though. Overall it helped and useful felt important and satisfied. Thank you Elysian.

    thumb Muraliraj Kanagaraj
  • review rating 5  It was an eye opening session for me with Prabha madam. The test results were very accurate and we discussed about my natural intelligences. It is very important to choose your career based on your strengths and innate talents. The session will throw light on how you can use these natural talents to choose the right career option and ultimately tap your fullest potential. Apart from career one can find out about their hobbies too. Career counseling is not only for students it can also be taken up by people like me who want to explore more fulfilling career options in their thirties. I just wish I had taken up this counselling session after my 10th std.

    thumb Priyanka Subburaj
  • review rating 5  I would say everyone who is struggling to figure out a path or any parent who wants to know better about their child and motivate them should go. I loved my session.

    thumb vidhi mangal
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