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Fears of Every 12th STD Student .

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July 16, 2020

Fears of Every 12th STD Student .

Every student needs to have an aim or goal in life. Once he/she reaches high school, they should have a clear picture of the area they want to specialize along with making maximum use of all the available options which helps them attain their goal. This will help them avoid ambiguity at the last moment. There was neither internet nor any other sources that would help students 15 to 20 years ago to attain their goal(s) or dream(s). Today, everything is in a click and plenty of other resources are also available for guidance and support. The only requirement today is a student should have a goal. Let us take a look at the fears a secondary school student might undergo:
• Confused Goals
A student may have multiple interests. He may be interested in all of his subjects and unable to decide on which branch to be taken for his further studies. He may also have passions and hobbies which he intends to take up as a career like singing, art, or craft but could be doubtful regarding its relevance.
• Unwanted Pressure
Nowadays, students face a lot of pressure from parents and relatives regarding their studies and other activities. The parents often compare other children with their own. All these in turn creates a fear of exams in students known as “examinophobia” Some parents even ask their children to follow others and take up the same course irrespective of his likes or dislikes. Such tensions make students think negative and they end up nodding head for their parent’s wishes.
• High Expectations
Once the child reaches 12th, the parents and the relatives show high expectations for his studies. This mounts up unnecessary pressure on children. This pressure turns to fear of board exams. They start getting scared if they do not live up to their parents’ expectations. Hence, the children start living for their parents meanwhile his likes are been buried.
• Physical and Mental Health
As students prepare for board exams day and night, they face many physical health issues that arise due to lack of sleep, strain in eyes, body pains, etc. The mental health can also take a toll as they keep thinking a lot about their future, about the exams. Some may even fall into depression and other severe mental health issues if they fail to cope with the exam stress.
• Unhealthy Competition
Competition in studies is needed to boost the morale of students. It becomes a problem when the competition takes an unhealthy turn by which students feel the failure of other students leads to their success. This is not favorable to students as a whole and creates unnecessary problems between them.
• Distractions/Unable to Concentrate
Some students have the problem of the inability to concentrate. They tend to get distracted by social media, gaming, or TV. This problem is highly feared among students. According to a recent survey, 75% of students had complained about their inability to concentrate on studies and they all had a common distraction called the internet and social media.
Counselling Helps!
To help students manage their fears regarding their careers, career counselling has come to the rescue. Counselors’ give ample tips to reduce exam fears. There are experts in every field, who can advise the students about the challenges, future scope, etc. Many students have benefitted from counseling, and they excel in their careers in a better way than those who do not opt for a counselling session. According to a survey, 93% of students were aware of only 7 to 8 career options. Career counselling paves the way for unexplored career options. A very famous education and career counseling center based out of Royapettah, Chennai, Elysian has been committed to the mental well being of the students and overall psychological well being of individuals. With an experience of more than 10 years into counselling, Elysian is a certified career counselling services that detect students’ intellects through several scientific tests such as Aptitude Tests, Psychometric Tests, and DMIT -Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. They give priority to the likes, passions and interests of the students. They provide expert academic guidance to the students and parents and help them choose the right path to success. They also offer counselling services to working professionals to cope with work-related issues and family counselling to deal with family disputes, thereby create a mutually cordial relationship among family members

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