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Higher Studies or Job – Stuck at a Crossroad?

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September 21, 2020

Higher Studies or Job – Stuck at a Crossroad?

Case study:

Avinash, a B.Tech graduate is doing well in studies and has scored well. He is also excellent at singing and has won many prizes in various competitions. His parents want to him to pursue his higher education i.e do his Masters. Avinash enjoys singing and wants to pursue a career in singing. Avinash is selected in the Campus Interview in a MNC with a good salary. Avinash is confused. What should he do now?

College is a crossroad where students often find themselves confused about which path to take. They have two choices – either to take up a job or pursue higher education. Of course, it’s not just all that black and white and there are external factors at play like cost, opportunity, interest, family pressure etc. Say for instance, you decide to study further and enroll in post-graduation.
While pursuing post-graduation you might realize that your real interest lie somewhere else.

You decide to complete your Masters degree and then pursue that career path but what if that career path requires studying a separate course and you can’t study further? You surrender to the circumstances and take what seems the next logical step. You find it difficult to cope with the situation or you just don’t like what you’re doing simply because your interests lay somewhere else. As a result, your chances of success are impacted and you begin to feel like a failure. You end up stressed and depressed.

That’s certainly not a very pleasant thought but a sad reality for many of the professionals.
Therefore it is important that you make the right decision at this crucial juncture. Enter career counselor, someone who can help you identify your real interests and then give appropriate suggestions to help you follow your interest. Each student is Unique and the career counsellor makes the decision-making process easier, so you can identify your true calling. Career counseling can help you take up the career path that will be best for You in your professional life rather than just going with the “acceptable profession”.

Alternatively, if you’re someone looking for a career change having completed your graduation, career counselling can help you understand the pros and cons of both, so you’ll be in a better position to decide if it’s worth it and analyse the suitable alternatives.
So whether you’re in college or someone who has completed your degree but can’t seem to make up your mind about a suitable career path, we hear you!

Get in touch with us now and enroll yourself in a career counselling session and set out on the right path.

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