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How Counselling Can Help You to Become a Better You?

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July 16, 2020

How Counselling Can Help You to Become a Better You?

Counselling and guidance play a crucial role in enabling individuals to deal with psychological issues, as well as confusion in terms of academics. Counselling can definitely help you to become a better you. This becomes even more important in the case of students, who often become prey to stress, peer pressure, the complexity of choosing the right career as well as obscurity of choices. Based on 2019 statistics, Indian schools fall deficit of professional counsellors, who can help students in dealing with major challenges posed their way in terms of academics as well as career. This brings us to the next aspect as to what makes counselling a must-have aspect in a student’s life? To begin with, the Mindler survey throws light on career option awareness among Indian students. According to the survey, a major chunk of students falling between the age groups of 13 to 21 finds it extremely difficult in choosing the right career for them. This indirectly also depends on the academic choice they would make that would; thereby, lead them towards the perfect career. Students are known to be aware of seven usually sought after career options, whereas there are over 250 different choices available across the country. Counselling helps to reduce stress in this very stressful lifestyle.
Reason for Shortage
• One of the primary reasons for the dwindling ration is unawareness. Most students go on to follow their parent’s footsteps and others fall for peer pressure. However, getting to know where your passion lies, what is your aptitude can help in finding the right path of education, and thereon career too.
• Secondly, many career agents are found to lack the requisite skills that have thereby led to the rampant rise of youth who remain confused about their career choice. This makes it necessary to consult counsellors who hold general awareness and proper knowledge of guiding students in their quest. Besides, they must also be aware of the changing trends that the educational and job market has gone through.
Points to Ponder
Now that we have gained an idea of what is counselling and the reason for the confusion among students, let’s how counselling helps students in better themselves. Counselling helps to improve mental health and helps people from depression. Below listed are points how counselling aid individuals:
• Knowing Your Aptitude
One of the primary ways counselling helps students is gaining a sneak into their aptitude. In addition, it also helps in personality development as well as discovering passion. Students tend to get confused about which field to choose ahead as they are unable to understand which stream is best for them. This is conducted through a series of tests and assessments that help counsellors gain an overview of what are their strengths and weak areas. Counselling help students build their personality and find their niche about where their passion lies. Counsellors make use of AI and data assessment tools to clear their doubts and assist them in making the right educational and career choice. Counselling helps students to make proper decision.
• There’s Never Any Elevator to Your Success, You Always Have to Take the Route of Stairs!
Perhaps, a counsellor makes the path less arduous. A counsellor helps individuals meet themselves, gain a better understanding of who they are, and what are their inner quests. Counsellors don’t just help take appropriate decision making but also in dealing with stress, pressure, and anxiety. Most counsellors provide individual as well as group counselling. Not only for students but also for parents guiding them on how they can help their ward deal with the pressure of academics and exams. Counselling make you feel good.
• Gaining Clarity of Your Goals
Stress, pressure, and the quest to meet the expectation of the world are some of the reasons that lead to an increase in anxiety and confusion among students. The fear of failure is also considered one of the reasons that push people to the brink of stress. Herein counselling aids in dealing with tiring times and pressures in addition to gaining clarity of their goals. Counsellors through intricate discussions and sessions help in bringing students out of stress. This through advice, discussions, and activities make it simple for students to deal with failures and success without letting it overpower their mind.
• Guidance for the Best
This makes it immensely important to choose the right kind of counselling guidance to find the right path. Elysian Inspires are profound counsellors who provide a wide range of counselling assistance including career, personal, academic, and psychological counselling. They offer personalized counselling conducted by experts and professionals, which helps individuals help find the right path and gain perfect guidance.

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