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Taking a Career Break ?

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June 2, 2022

Taking a Career Break ?

Scared of taking a career break in your mid 20s? Whether you’re taking a career break to start your own business, travel the world, medical emergencies, or some other reasons, the career break is exciting and overwhelming equally. In this 21st century, even a well-experienced professional who thinks of taking a career break feels stigmatized.

As you’re planning to take a career break, many questions might also come to your mind regarding managing finance, getting back to work, and numerous other things.

Whatever might be the reason for your career break, you should plan ahead appropriately before saying goodbye to your work desk to eliminate that overwhelming feeling. Remember, you’re taking a career break; it means a temporary leave from the corporate world. You need to come back, devote your energies, and stay stress-free or talk to a career consultant in Chennai to understand the ways of coming back to your career

So, take a deep breath and say, ‘’You’re not the alone one taking a career break in your 20s; you’ll come back stronger and happier.’’ Plus, follow the below-mentioned tips to stop daunting about taking a career break.


Stay close with your loved ones

Regardless of your reason to take a career break, you should never break the connections with your loved ones, especially work friends. You’re feeling daunted because this career break might be your first one, and many negative things might be coming to your mind.

See, your career break should be successful; otherwise, drop the idea of taking a career break. You’re just temporarily saying goodbye to the corporate world. You can’t think of losing the connections you made by putting in your valuable efforts and time.

Your colleagues will keep sharing the latest industry news, new job openings, etc., which keeps you connected with the corporate world. In short, please don’t break the connections with your colleagues.


Do you have enough money to manage your expenses during the career break?

This is actually one of the possible reasons why many working professionals avoid the plan of taking a career break. If this is the reason you get scared to take career break, there is no need to feel overwhelmed and bite your nails.

Firstly, you should be clear about how many months you’ll stay away from the corporate world. Next, think of your financial needs and evaluate whether your pockets can manage your expenses during the career break.

It would be better to have other income sources to keep your pockets full and manage the expenses easily. Please don’t think of taking a career break until you have enough money to manage your expenditure.


Having a strong support system is necessary

Whether you’re taking a career break for good or bad reasons, you need a support system until your final breath. You need people that trust you and your ambitions. That support system might be your friends, spouse, relatives, parents, or someone you know.

What if you’re an unlucky person having no support system?

It’s okay; you can build your support system by seeking assistance from mentors, career counselors, and life coaches. You can head to your LinkedIn account, tell about your career break, and definitely, someone will come and stand by you. Remember, asking for help shows your courage, not your dark side!


Prepare your re-entry plan beforehand

As you’re not a multi-millionaire, you have a fair idea about when you’ll come back from your career break.

Many people take career breaks without a re-entry plan and end up meeting failures constantly.

To prepare a re-entry plan, you should ask your employer whether you can join him/her once you come back from the career break. Regardless of your plans, you should always keep your CV well-updated and refresh your LinkedIn profile.


Time management is very important in the career break

During the career break, you’ll have a lot of time for yourself. It’s upto you how you make the best use of this time. Time is the most important resource for everyone on this planet.

Please limit the time spent on your daily activities during the career break. And put your time on the objective of the career break. As you write down your daily goals in the office, don’t leave this habit during the career break.

Stick to a productive schedule and make the required changes. By sticking to a productive schedule, you’ll become an expert in time management.

You won’t be scared anymore while taking a career break by following these steps. You’re just 25; you have time to transform your life. Believe in yourself and make the career break, the most memorable phase of your life.

Best of luck for your career!

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