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Top 7 Reasons Behind Your Continuous Job Rejection

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February 7, 2019

Top 7 Reasons Behind Your Continuous Job Rejection


You apply for the jobs, with lot of hopes.

You prepare hard for the interview, gave the right answers and think that you have nailed it.

You are just waiting for final words “You’re hired”!

But alas, your name doesn’t come. You get numb, all thoughts gush into your brain, about what went wrong?.

Hearing “No” from a potential employer can impact you a lot and getting too many “No’s” can frustrate you, affecting your self-confidence, severely. So, don’t take job rejection personally. Try to keep a positive mental perspective as there can be countless reasons why you are not selected for the job.

Globally there is a deficit in job opportunities, making the competition in the job market cutthroat and companies have to follow a rigid hiring policy to select a suitable candidate for them. The interviewers are sometimes assigned with a job to filter out a perfect employee from a lot of applicants. So, it becomes important to give them, right responses to consider you, because companies hire only those persons who are best-qualified applicants for the job in terms of educational qualification, experience, soft skills, expertise and other aspects requiring in the job.

You have to think objectively, by addressing the developmental points properly and use it to build core strengths and ultimately find a job that suits you best.

Here we are sharing with you some of the top 7 reasons “Why recruiters reject candidates in Job interviews”:

1) Qualification & Experience:

Every recruiting company have certain educational and experience prerequisites for the post. If your profile is not meeting that requirement then you will be surely rejected. So, don’t blindly apply to everything you see on job portals, analyse the requirements and then go ahead, otherwise you’ll waste your valuable time and money in attending such interviews.

2) Soft Skills:

Soft skills are required in all kinds of jobs, be it for a lowest or highest position in an organization. These are not taught in schools and colleges but you have to acquire them, polish it with the demand in jobs and present them in smarter way during your whole selection period. If you are lacking in communication, leadership quality, etiquettes, attitude and other soft skills which the company is seeking, then chances are grim in your selection. You have to imbibe the soft skills in you as can’t pretend these skills for longer time. Training or a professional soft skill trainer can hugely help you in polishing your soft skills and personality. So, don’t shy away from this, first improve your soft skills as required in the job description and then apply.

3) Knowledge or Expertise:

Companies evaluate the candidates on the basis of knowledge or expertise he/she possess for the specified job post, this is one of the most important criteria for selection. They go through CV/resume, probe into your past projects, its results, scope of your work and many more such questions which are related to the field and simultaneously relevant for the company’s growth. If you haven’t done your homework properly, you are bound to be rejected. It is highly recommended to take some special trainings or certifications related to your field, other than usual academic studies.

4) Teamwork Skills:

Employer hires candidates who can gel well with the other teammates of the organization. Whether you are a team player or a solo performer is judged by the employer. Check your attitude and approach towards others and express yourself in a balanced way to get shortlisted for the company.

5) Worthiness:

Do you have the potential to increase the growth prospects of the company? Organizations do gauge your potentials, capabilities and skills that are worth full for them. If you lack in the passion for work, interest, motivation and confidence, then you are likely to be dismissed even though you are having relevant qualification or experience. Interests and passion to work till the goal is met is one such attribute that many top companies give priority while selecting the candidates for their top positions.

6) Behaviour:

Be respectful towards your interviewers/recruiters and as well as with fellow competitors. Your behaviour is monitored and evaluated during the complete selection procedures – group discussion and interview. If you showed a single sign of negativity, arrogance, unfriendliness, aggressive behaviour, improper body language and dressing, then you are turning off your employers’ interest in selecting you for their organization.

7) Review Your Resume:

You will be surprised to know that company’s selector body imparts just 5-10 seconds to every resume they come across. The first impression is created through your resume and most of the questions posed to you are framed on the basis of stuffs you have mentioned on your resume/cv. Build, review and correct your resume smartly and if required take a professional service to construct an impressive resume.

Final words

Think about your responses in all previous interviews that have caused a grimace on your expected employer’s face. Review your skills, knowledge and commonly asked question – for not repeating the same mistake again and again or you can seek professional career counsellors help to polish your skills and personality.

You need to be upright confident all the time to clear the interview session. Instead of dwelling on your past disappointment, keep yourself focused on other job opportunities and continue to present yourself to the best of your ability. If you find you are facing continuous rejection then use it as a means for developing patience and resilience. Contemplate on the above-suggested points, revive perception about yourself, be flexible and you will definitely win the race.

Best of Luck


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