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Unconventional career options for teenagers to try at home

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January 18, 2022

Unconventional career options for teenagers to try at home

The times are changing in ways we can’t even anticipate. And with that, the career dynamics is evolving too.

The internet has changed the demographics of the employee for most companies, and they are hiring people from any point of the globe if the employee has the right skill.

A degree or a certificate is not the most important factor for establishing a career anymore, except for the courses like medicine, law, nutrition, etc.

And thus, people from any age group can start earning right from their home, if they have a laptop, a stable internet connection, and a skill. In this new era, job satisfaction and results are more important than job security and the tag of an MNC.


Indian youth and the changing world-


The lack of employment and job opportunity has been one of the burning problems of India in the last few decades. But the hardworking, skilled Indian youth can make a huge impact in the global economy, especially for their vast population and energy.

That is why, this changing economy has been a blessing to them, and they are trying out brand new paths to contribute to the world and start earning on their own.

You can join this revolutionary force too. Just hone a major skill, build a personal brand to get visible to the people who need your help and start working.


Here are the career paths you can try right now-


  • Graphic design, animation-

Internet right now depends on visual content. Starting from the aesthetics of Instagram, Youtube thumbnails to any PPT or brochure- every business out there needs your help with these skills.

These skills have been an asset for the media houses till now, but as of 2021 the scope of the skills has increased manifold.


  • Web design, web development, and app development-

Having a website or an app is now a necessity for any business. And for that, they need these skills. You can simply learn these skills online and make a simple portfolio for yourself without little or no cost and start earning.

Though the large corporate firms still depend on established companies for these projects, you can serve small startups, solopreneurs, or collaborate with an app development or web designing firm too.


  • Video editing-

Video editing is a tedious task for anyone who does not love to do it. And with the rise of video content on the internet today, this is becoming a really needed skill.

Apart from the basic video editing tasks, creating video memes, connecting different video clips to make an entertaining or educating video is a treasured skill.

Most YouTubers and other content creators need to hire video editors today. You can also work for some course creators or short-film directors.


  • Writing-

Everything on the internet depends on content right now. Starting from the ad you see on LinkedIn, to the posts, the terms and conditions you saw while installing the app- written content is everywhere.

You can work as a content writer (it is the most popular choice for freelancing for any beginner) or a copywriter with a high-level skill set and in-depth understanding of marketing and consumer psychology.


  • Content creation on social media-

YouTube and Instagram are two of the many platforms that can start your career as a content creator. You can educate people on the latest scientific inventions, or the history of coins- or you can entertain people with your Piano skills, reading books, painting, and uploading great photos.

Basically, you can now earn by doing anything that you are passionate about. So why not use your most valuable skill to start earning?


  • Coaching-

You might be a master of photography, or can help people boost their self-confidence or create content on the internet. Anything you are good at and you love helping people with- well of course without topics like Yoga, Nutrition, or Psychotherapy that need proper certification- you can start a course or consult people and have a decent career out of it.


  • E-commerce-

The Internet also brought us the opportunity to sell various offline products. You might be great at handicrafts, baking cakes, creating candles, or anything in between. You don’t need a shop or any other setup to achieve this. Just open an Instagram account, start posting and you can have a business out of your seemingly not-so-important skill.


  • Virtual assistance-

Virtual assistance does not need any high-level skill, to begin with. And the top virtual assistants are jacks of many trades and masters of a handful of them.

It is tough to handle a business on its own for anybody. And that is why people hire virtual assistants to help out with their skills and save them time and energy.

You can start by sorting emails, filling up excel sheets, and gradually start offering to set up a whole sales funnel. It is a really versatile area where anyone can come to help as a beginner.


  • Digital marketing and/or social media management-

The digital world depends on social media. And all businesses need either organic or paid marketing to stand out and having a profound social media presence is essential for attracting customers.

This is why these skills are so high in demand right now. You can build the skill and portfolio within a couple of months and start earning handsome pay for a few hours of work per day.


There are so many more options to build a career nowadays. I have only discussed a few here. And as you can see, no matter how little you believe your abilities are, there is opportunity for you.


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