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7 signs that you are in need of Career Counselling

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December 5, 2019

7 signs that you are in need of Career Counselling

Out of all the things that we get in life, we are certainly not able to choose a few things like our parents, siblings, gender, family, blood group, etc. What we get by birth is what we choose to live with. However, there are certain other crucial things in our lives that we are free to choose. Our career is one of them. We as individuals have full liberty to choose the profession we want to live with but we generally do not exercise that natural right. We are more comfortable in getting along with something that is already tried and tested by others or we are usually influenced by our parents and family who extend their unprofessional guidance to us.

We are under the impression that we can take up any career as it is possible to learn and pursue whatever we may want. We forget that everyone is different and what is right for one may not be right for the other. We end up choosing disparate careers and never achieve satisfaction in work as well as in life. Therefore, you should seek professional guidance for choosing the right career whenever you face any of the following situations.

1. You are not able to decide your goal in life:

There are certain phases in life when you feel stuck and are not able to figure out your future career path. Being directionless makes you all the more under-confident in making the right decision. Hence, without wait you should seek professional help to understand how you can shape your education and career from there onwards.
Just before reaching high school: If you have just completed standard 8th and feel laden with a lot of responsibility of taking up a directional approach towards career. You are supposed to choose among some important subjects that can be crucial for your boards’ exams. Then you should definitely take up professional advice rather than just making a random choice which may hamper your boards result and may not be appropriate for your career.

2. Just after completing high school:

If you are out of high school and are on the verge of choosing your stream for intermediate and further education, it is the right time to get professional help. It is very likely that you will end up choosing a wrong stream with the help of all sorts of misinformed advices from a number of people. Counselling at this transitional stage will ensure that you don’t take up any wrong choice and end up screwing your intermediate results.

3. About to enter college for undergraduate:

After class 12th the responsibility increases all the more to take up some good course in college as you now become a part of the rat race of the external world. This stage poses a lot of competition and hence choosing something that is not meant for you may put you in a situation where it becomes almost impossible to crack the competition. Therefore, professional career guidance can enlighten you on the best possible career choices which will make sure you succeed in your efforts.

4. Completed college and want to make final career choice:

You are now out of college and want to decide whether to take up a job as fresher or pursue further studies. This is another crucial stage when you have already reached a particular age when you have to settle down and have very less scope for taking any chances of making a wrong choice. The phase for trial and error is over and it is high time you settle down. At this stage if you are still confused then you should immediately proceed to take up professional career guidance.

5. You are not very satisfied with your current job:

May be you thought that this job is going to be a dream job, but that was just not the case and now you are frustrated and not satisfied with it. You want to move out, but don’t want to risk it any further by making another wrong choice. It is highly advisable that you go for professional career counselling before making any further decision.

6. You are talented but cant realise your focus:

If you feel that you are quite talented but are unable to realise all your talent in your current profession and feel like moving to different areas every now and then. If you are not able to focus on a single career and are hopping between choices thinking you can work better in the next one, then it is time for guided professional career counselling. It can help you in focusing on the strongest areas of your personality and interest so that you can be more stable.

Career counselling can bring extreme clarity of your goals and can equip you with utilising your skills and abilities in the best possible way. This will make way for a satisfied and happy life ahead.

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